SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway @ Klapsons on Saturday, 29th August 2015!

On 29th August, I attended the second installment of SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway! The launch was a huge success with over 1,000 guests attendees. Thank you ABSOLUTE PR for the invitation!

All Photos credit are from Singapore Fashion Runway. 😀

Another uniquely Singapore event by her proud prodigies, the event celebrated the local fashion community through a fashion showcase by local models in local designer outfits. There was also a RETAIL section at the event where guests could check out the myriad of local designer labels after each show!


Singapore’s First Rooftop Fashion Party was held @ klapsons. A total of 125 models twisted, turned and sashayed down the red carpet in outfits celebrating fashions from the 60’s to the future. DSC03309 Continue reading

Palmer’s Skin Theraphy Oil for Moisturised and Brightened Skin

I received Palmer’s Skin Therapy from sometime ago! I was on a mini hiatus due to the mourning period of my muse, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was a dark week in Singapore on the week of March 23rd as we lost the Hero of Singapore. 🙁 I cried so many times reading on his articles about his bravery, contribution, smartness, and also love for his wife. ;( Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Thank you everything that you did for Singapore, and I promise you that I will contribute more to Singapore from now on! I did save a draft dedicated for Mr Lee, but there are just too many things I want to remember him for, so I have not finish it yet. Well, back to the sharing of Palmer’s with you!


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World’s first… “The Cat Museum & Mansion” is in Singapore!

Are you planning to go to anywhere new over the weekend? You animals, especially cats lovers, has a another new hangout place to visit! Thank you to the team of “The Cat Museum & Mansion”, I visited the world’s first Cat Museum on the 9th at 8 Purvis Street, #02-02 Singapore 188587! <3

The nearest MRT is City Hall and Bugis Mrt, Purvis street is in between these two stations. Can you spot the kitty signboard? 😀

P1210337 P1210335

I visited Japan’s cat cafe many years back and it is one of my dreams to open a cat cafe so that I can be surrounded by many kitties!! Last year, many cat cafes popped out in Singapore (one business minded owner screwed up and made every so angry and upset.. arghh!) but I have yet to visit any. Actually I feel like I am living in a Cat Cafe anyway with 4 kitties! <3

I am super happy to visit the Cat Museum & Mansion because it is not just a Cat Cafe that you just go and play with the cats, but much much more meaningful. (Actually the other Cat Cafes in Singapore helped with the adoption for the cats too!! Let me find out more first)!


Let me share with you a  little background of the The Cat Museum & Mansion!

Singapore is also known as Singapura, the city nation is named after the largest cat, the lion (“Singa” means lion and “Pura” means town or city). Lion City KittyTM – The CAT MUSEUM, MUSES & MANSION pays tribute to the cats of Singapore by tracing the history of local Malayan cats, cats that came on ships with our forefathers from India and China, the arrival of British cats during the colonization period and Japanese cats during occupation,and develops a hypothesis of what is affectionately branded as the Lion City KittyTM – the Singapore resident

Says Jessica Seet, the founder who has set up Lion City KittyTM, “Our mission as a social enterprise is to change the community’s mindset towards cats and animals, and to create an interest in our local kitties who, like us, are the descendants of their ‘pawfathers’. We also want to inspire our local artistic community to create art around the real cats on our premises, and find homes for the orphaned kitties, while working  closely with the Cat Welfare Society in Singapore.”


P1210164 P1210166

P1210163  P1210168


P1210167 P1210176

On Level 3, you will meet the kitties that are looking for their forever home!! PLEASE ADOPT, STERLISE AND DON’T ABANDON!!!!!!!! <3

My 5 kitties are all adopted, Kiyo Angel (found in my secondary school), Rara was adopted from Catwelfare (12 years ago!), KingKing (found by my friend), Kylila and MetMet (my sister adopted Kylila from the cat shelter and MetMet found outside her house in Doha. Both are flown into Singapore)!

Do visit the Cat Museum to see if any of the cat chooses you! It is true that the cat chooses you instead of you choosing it. You will know what I mean when you meet THE CAT! 😛 HOWEVER, one thing to REMIND you that having a cat (or any animal) is a long commitment…. DO NOT ADOPT if you cannot commit! I will refer this as a marriage. 😛 I am married to 5 catsssssss! #crazycatlady


I WISH I WISH I CAN BRING THEM ALL HOME!!!!!!!!!! (I will try to arrange my schedule and see if I have time to volunteer!!! *_*)


And so I cried when I read the story of Georgie and his friend. ;( I am really a cat person instead of a person person…P1210191

I want to add CAT LANGUAGE to my resume… lol!! I only managed to get 2 photos of the kitties waiting for adoption!! CHECK THE CUTIES OUT! <3


awwwwwwww…. *melts*P1210193

There is also a Singapore map of kitties living in Singapore! I already emailed the Cat Museum and do let me know if you see my 4 babies’ photo. 😛


Now now… are you excited to meet the world famous super cats at the Mansion on Level 4?! *BRACE YOURSELF FOR CUTENESS OVERLOAD* The Mansion on the top floor is a beautiful sprawling playground that is specially set for the lucky ones who found their forever home – complete with toys, scratching posts, and invisible grills to keep them safe indoors.

This is indeed a Kitty’s paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Firstly, let us meet the boys!!!!!!! Here is Harry the Cat’s Museum’s Mascot!!! He is a really shy boy but I managed to take a photo of him looking at my camera even though he was hiding behind his litter house! 🙂


Here is Gerogie, the 13 year-old senior citizen~~ I also managed to catch a glimpse of him before he fell a sleep again. 😛


Hi Usher~~~~ same like Gerogie, I managed to take a photo of him before he fell asleep. XD I always feel very sentimental and heartache whenever I see a perfect Tabby…. my Kiyo Angel lookalike… I miss you my baby Kiyo <3


Here is Braddie, the one I wanted to see the most!!!!! I think I chose a wrong time to visit as it was 230pm and the kitties are mostly napping… lol.P1210249

Next up, let me introduce you to the baby girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Here is little cutie Shakira~ Isn’t she just super adorable!!!


What long legs you have~~~~~~~P1210257

Here is my favourite Julia on the cat tree!!!!! She has such a sweet angelic face!!!!!! P1210260

In the Cat Museum, a #MEOWFIE is a MUST!!! Thank you sweetheart for the selfie~~~ 😀 😀 😀 😀


Last but not least, I want you to meet the 2 sisters~~~ Maine Coon Angie and Jen Jen!! <3 I CAN’T BELIEVE that they are abandoned by their heartless breeders… :'( They are too beautiful to be abandoned and so are all the cats and animals in the world!!!

Angie here is the only active kitty during my visit. LOL!! She has a really sweet temper, letting us pet her and posing for photos!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

P1210268  P1210285

You are a beauty, Angie!!P1210295

Yay!!!! Another #MEOWFIE (ok, not really meowfie…lol) with Beauty Angie~~~~~~~~~ look at how gentle she is!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SAYANG NON-STOP*


And we have the sweetest Jen Jen~~~~~~~ I love her creamy sweet fur!! She was sleeping in her tunnel at first, look at how cuteeeeeeeeeee she is!!! HEHE!!!P1210297

And then she changed place!!!!! *MELTSSSSSSSSSS* She looks like a Princess~~~~ she is the colourful version of Kylila. LOL!!!!!


Sorry Princess, I took your photo when you are grooming. 😛P1210308

Since she is so so cute, I cannot resist a photo with her even though she was sleeping. :PPPPP1210311

One more thing I want to share with you is the gallery of ‘Famous Felines’ – cats that have inspired imagination and adoration through popular culture and the internet such as Puss in Boots, Garfield and Grumpy Cat.


I spent some time at the staircase and suddenly realized that the MOST FAMOUS CAT in the world is missing from the gallery…… and it is none other than Miss Hello Kitty!!!!!!!! :’) :’) :’)


And to my friends, I don’t actually like Hello Kitty and the one I like is her pet, Charmmy Kitty!!! :’) :’) :’)

I hope you enjoyed my little tour and let me share with you some lovely cat quotes~~~

P1210321I admit that I love the company of cats more than purrson~~~~~~ sorry people. HAHA!!P1210320 and then it is time for Kitty Nap~~~~ zzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZz~~ <3P1210333


Museum Operation Hours:
Fridays: 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Saturdays/Sundays: 12noon – 7.30pm (CLOSED from 3.30pm – 4.30pm for Kitty Kat Nap)

Admission: $9 per person, FREE for children below 6 years old

Email to make your reservations or call 6336 2133. Walk-ins are welcome too!

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La Colline Cellular Night Elixir for Mature Skin

Hello beautifuls, I attended SaSa’s Bloggers last year (lol, actually 2 months back!) and received the MOST EXPENSIVE skincare I ever have!! It is the La Colline Cellular Night Elixir that is worth S$549!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

During the event, we were introduced to the La Colline range that is currently available only in SaSa. It is recommended mainly for mature skin but if you have dry skin, you can use it too!

P1190190 P1190191

  • For skin in need of comfort and vitality, Cellular Night Elixir is a sublime revitalizer
    • Skin is nourished : 90%*
    • Thickness of the epidermis is improved by 23%**
      4 times more concentrated

* Self-evaluation test conducted on 33 women after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 28 days. Percentage of positive responses.
** Clinical test conducted on ex-vivo skin explants after application of Cellular Night Elixir.


Recommended for: Mature Skin

  • Mature skin not only shows wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and density but also has a deficiency in epidermal lipids.This lack leads to a weakening of the skin barrier, making it lose its integrity.
  • In consequence, the epidermis reacts easily to stress and its regeneration is significantly longer than the young skin’s. That’s why mature skin can feel itchy, dry and is prone to inflammation.
Nourishing comfort of precious oils

1) Regenerates and repairs

Power of revitalizing and soothing active ingredients

2) Reduces irritations

3) Fortifies

4) Firms


The Night Elixir comes in a droplet bottle which you can easily control how much you want to use. DSCN0862

The Night Elixir may look like super oily but it is easily absorbed into my skin!!! There is no sticky feeling at all, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and supple. Even though I do not have dry skin (more like oily skin), but I do use it whenever I feel that my skin feels dry. My skin feels smoother immediately and still feeling soft when I wake up the next day.


You can use it every night if you skin is dry. If your skin is very dry, you can use it twice a day, morning and night. 🙂


Follow SaSa’s facebook and instagram now for more cosmetics updates!!! Join in their many giveaways too!! 😀


My friend whatsapp-ed me about the arrival of the VANS x ASPCA collection that is available in Singapore VANS store now! 😀 I know about ASPCA because I used to watch the show at Animal Planet! There are sneakers, bags and caps of either cat or dog prints.

What is ASPCA?

Since 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) has raised its voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and fights to protect animals wherever abuse occurs. Whether directly removing animals from a situation detrimental to their wellbeing, pushing for humane laws, or building resources with shelters, ASPCA®’s tireless dedication has not diminished in over 140 years. A testament to the central role four-legged companions have come to play in people’s lives everywhere, the Vans x ASPCA collaboration whole-heartedly supports the cause.

I got the cats cap (obviously!!!!). Can you spot KingKing, Rara and Kylila lookalikes? XD


Yes, I happened to wear Hello Kitty x Kitson T-shirt! lol.


Of course I must do some selfies with my kitties! (Couldn’t  take a photo with Rara). With Kylila who is seriously …. unhappy. lol.


Metmet who is unsure what I am doing….P1170306

KingKing who is…………. lolP1170316

You crazy cat ladies or men, and dogs lovers, go get your VANS x ASPCA collection now! 😀 *meow*!