My Beauty Diary Black Mask – Nourishing, Hydrating, Moisturizing and Illuminating

My Beauty Diary, the No.1 Facial & Eye Mask brand in Singapore has just gotten even better!

With its improved formula, features and packaging, the enhanced mask range now features a uniquely patented ingredient – CosphingoTM with long-lasting moisturizing property for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like baby’s skin!

My Beauty Diary has recently launched its NEW Black Mask range featuring three exquisite variants – Black Obsidian Moisturizing, Black Rose Brightening and Black Pearl Total Effect Black Masks. Utilizing mystical black ingredients to help eliminate skin pigmentation, unevenness and loose skin caused by UV rays and environmental impurities, the deluxe Black Mask series helps to restore uneven skin tone, enhance skin elasticity, leaving your skin rejuvenated, deeply moisturized with dewy radiance!

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Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask

Sasa-bugisI was invited to SaSa Bugis last Monday for Annie’s Way Workshop! Thank you SaSa Team, Stephanie+Avery+Lisa~~~ The founder of Annie’s Way and Team flew down to Singapore from Taiwan! I miss Taiwan, Taiwanese Mandarin and their 親切感 (friendliness)! Taiwanese are the ones who can pronounced my Chinese Name perfectly! 😛 It has been a year 2 months since I went to Taipei (thanks to SaSa! :P)~ I hear my second home calling me~~ haha!!!!!!!! Okay, back to the event!!


Yep, it was only written as Annie’s Way Miracle Jelly Mask, but I HAVE TO RENAME it to Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask because the results is insane!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING SUCH A MIRACULOUS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE MY PHOTOS BELOW!!!!!!!!! (SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT I KEPT ON WOAHHHHH when I see the result on a Sasa Customer and also after I used 2 of the Jelly Masks). I meet my true loves again~~~ <3 😛 Continue reading

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 2 & Day 4 – DIY Serum and Countdown to 2014

HAHAHAHAHHA, I know I should have updated the last part of the NEOGENCE media trip faster but I was having so much backlogs and don’t want to update like EVERY day. 😛 I promise you that  this will be the last post about the Taipei media trip!!! BUT!!! I will definitely be updating a lot of about NEOGENCE again! I LOVE NEOGENCE!!!!!! I saw that IN-AND-OUT Burger is opening at Taiwan!! DDDDDDDD: Another reason to go to Taiwan!! lol~

我答應你們這次是【NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】去台北的完結篇~啊哈哈哈!我現在還是大力推薦NEOGENCE給我朋友們~~~ 雖然是完結篇,可是之後我還是會介紹NEOGENCE家其他產品!呵呵~

Meanwhile~~~ the first 3 days about the trip is as below! Everyday is so damn fun and tiring!! I enjoyed myself so much!! Now, my wish is to go relax at any beautiful empty beach~~~ just doing nothing!!!!!! 😛

前三天的分享如下~~~~~~~~每天都很好玩也很累~~ 現在我最想的就是可以去一個漂亮又沒甚麼人的海邊/海景放鬆~~~~~~~~~~~甚麼都不想~~甚麼都不做~~

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 1 – Skin Check + Lunch at Climontine

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 1 – Exciting Trip to NEOGENCE Factory and Laboratory!

NEOGENCE MEDIA TRIP to my second home Taipei – DAY 1

Part 2 of Day 3 was something I was looking forward to!!! WE CAN DIY OUR VERY OWN SERUM!!!!!!! “xkiyora x NEOGENCE SERUM”!! HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 1 – Skin Check + Lunch at Climontine


Hello pretties, I am back with Day 3 Part 1 of the NEOGENCE x SaSa Singapore Taipei Media Trip day 3! ^^ It was a long day as we visited NEOGENCE office for skincare talk, DIY our own Hyaluronic Acid, lunch, visited Taipei 101, dinner and also countdown party at Barcode!!!!

NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】第三天第一篇來了~ 再次謝謝SaSa Singapore的安排!第三天做了很多事!我們一早就到了NEOGENCE的辦公室做皮膚體檢和屬於自己的DIY精華液,吃午餐,去台北101,鼎泰豐晚餐,和barcode跨年趴!


Other than SaSa, NEOGENCE is also available here:


In case if you want to read more of the NEOGENCE media trip:
NEOGENCE MEDIA TRIP to my second home Taipei – DAY 1
NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 1 – Exciting Trip to NEOGENCE Factory and Laboratory!
NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review


大合照!Group photo!

kekeke! Let me start off with a group photo of us! Not all of us though.. 😛


With new friend,Eefee from Malaysia!! She is really cute and pretty!! Got a shock when I got to know her age!!! She shared me with some tips on how to maintain her youthful look!!!



So we make our way to NEOGENCE office for skincare and DIY our own Hyaluronic Acid!




Professor Hong shared with us the reason of using machine for skin check, as photos taken from online have many factors such as lighting, angle, size of photo that can affect the result of using products.




The skin check machine that I used is VISIA that can check many skin problems and let you know which products to use to improve your skin.





I don’t really mind if people see my skin without makeup… i bet most of the people i know saw me without makeup before. As well as you can see my naked face photos in my blog(no edit)~~~ plus my makeup is not that heavy so there isn’t much difference I will say. I wish that I am so confident that I do not need to put on makeup when I go out. I think this is basic courtesy in my case. lol. Too bad I am not the kind of natural beauty who looks freaking good without makeup~~

啊哈哈~~~ 其實素顏對我來說沒差。。。。。。。 不是因為自信而是,幹嘛介意別人怎麼看我!雖然我還是覺得化妝很重要!這是對自己跟別人的尊重!我也希望我自信好到我甚麼都不用化就可以出門~可是我並不是天生麗質型!嗚嗚~~



The skin check is based on the same age, same gender, and the same skin type of other individuals. The higher the percentage the better.


Spots 斑點 68%
D: I thought I do not really have spots since my skin colour is tanned! *horriji—-bleeeee*
我本來以為我皮膚顏色很健康~根本沒甚麼斑點~ *哭*

Wrinkles 皺紋 80%
*phew* THANK YOU~~~~~~~~~ my goal is to still look like now when I am 40! :X

*滿意* 我希望是40歲還是長這樣啦!

Texture 紋理 92%
Hey hey hey!!! *HAPPY* I thought my skin texture is crap and rough …..

Pores 毛孔 8%
#FML *CRIES* …. I haven’t been using any pore care products, so serve me right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using NEOGENCE pore reducer super diligently now!!
真的是。。。。因為沒有好好照顧毛細孔所以, 我認了我 *努力用NEOGENCE PORE REDUCER* 我很久沒有用了啦所以才這樣~ *嘆氣*

UV Spots 紫外線色斑98%
MUHAHAHA!! I got a shock myself!! Living in all year summer Singapore with this result is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all those foundation, liquid foundation, bb cream that I used all these years!!! You all saved me!!! 😀

哇哇哇!我自己先傻眼~~~~怎麼可能!住在陽光普照的熱帶國家新加坡~我的紫外線斑既然那麼高分!差點都滿分了!那些年~~~用過的粉底,粉底液,BB霜~~ 謝謝你們喔!哇哈哈!所以化妝還是很重要的吼!

Brown Spots 棕色斑 89%

Happpppppppppyyyyyyy~ 滿意~所以不多說!*感恩*

Red areas 紅色區 80%
Better than what I expected!!!!!!! ^^

Porphyrins (natural oil and bacteria buildup) 紫質13%
Aiyo…………… another terrible reading. I kind of expected this too since i have combination skin and my t-zone gets oily easily.

The skin check is still better than I expected!! 😛 I will take more care about my pore problems!



Ooh, hello!!! I am finally back to normal self after using NEOGENCE skincare products, UV protection (purple) and BB cream plus my makeup! I went to buy the BB cream in the end!! and then it’s lunch time~~

哈囉~~我回來了!!!!! 哈哈~~~用完NEOGENCE的護膚品加BB霜和自己的化妝品。我跑去買NEOGENCE BB霜啦!吃午餐時間到~~~


Climontine 麵包生活館

TEL: 02-2706-7061



I love the decoration of this cafe so much!!!!! 我好喜歡這家的擺設~~~好漂亮!




Credits to Neogence! Can I have this camera~~


Super adorable and extremely well behaved twins!! 兩個怎麼看都超可愛而且又很乖的小妞!


Am I sexy????! 阿姨,我性感嗎????:P


Oei…… Enough or not har~~~ 你拍夠了嗎?


Team A~~~~~~~很熱鬧!最年輕的一組了!



Next up… we got to create our very own NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid Serum!!! I used almost half of it…… noooooooo!! Will share about it again!!

吃完午餐之後就是回去DIY自己的NEOGENCE HA Serum!這個也是我最期待的!我都用掉半瓶了~ 下次再繼續!^^


Second Generation of EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM pH5.5!!! I saw the huge poster outside Xi Men Ding Watsons when I was in Taipei in August. I went in to ask for it and it was out of stock!!! Thank you NEOGENCE for this!! <3

Contains a unique pore purifying formula which will clean and remove acne. Together with complex acid to dissolve acne and witch hazel extract as a form of astringent, this serum will double up to control oil and control sebum excretion.

Main ingredients used in this serum will be Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. This special combination of fruit acid will penetrate deep into pores to ‘soften and dissolve’ imperfections like dead skin cells, acne, pimples and clogged pores. At the same time, it will help to reduce sebum production, improve skin’s texture and close up pores.

I am using it daily now on my nose and chin, after toner and before NEOGENCE pore reducing serum. ^^

Available in SaSa Singapore!!

Review – Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask

Hi hi there!!! It’s about time for me to share something that I got recently from Taipei!! Have you heard of FaceQ 絕世愛美肌 before?! It is a skincare brand (mainly masks i think) from Taiwan! Isn’t the girl on the mask super cute?!!! XD


I want to share with you Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask!! It is available in 3 types! The first one that caught my eye was Peppermint!! Peppermint products for the leg is super refreshing so I definitely choose this! Then I saw, Rose~ I love love love products with Rose scent!!! BUY!! Then the last type, Milk!!! :DDDDD I must get it of course!! I want to turn my dry feet into baby’s soft feet! lol!!

Let’s take a look at how the foot mask looks like!


Isn’t this like a string ray?????!!!!!!!! lol



Hehehe, you have to separate the mask into left and right for each of your foot!


Ah~ You can see my tired, dry, and ugly feet. >_<~~~ :'(



The mask is actually inside the plastic sheet so that the essence can be kept inside and wrapped your feet nicely without any leakage!


Remove the sticker to secure the mask on each of your feet!


LOL! I tried lifting it up but….. apparently the sticker cannot withstand gravity. 😛

After about 15 minutes……………….. my dry, tired and ugly looking leg transformed!!!!!!!!!!


Can you see how the peeling skin actually become so moisturized and smooth!! 😀 I will need more of these!!! I didn’t see them in the retail stores yet. 🙁 ANYONE, please bring it in if not I gonna pester whoever visits Taiwan to get it for me!!!!!!!!

Or let me know if there is online shop that I can get it okay?! 😀

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review

I am finally back with NEOGENCE Media Trip Day 2 Part 2!! 😛  Thank you SaSa Singapore!! Did you read about Day 1 and Day 2 Part 1?? Both are equally interesting I will say~~~ 😛 I freaking miss Taipei now!!! I really wish I can stay there (or any part of Japan) for good!! Come on, LOA!!!!! 😉

哈囉~~我終於回來分享【NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】第三篇了!你看了第一天 and 第二天第一篇了嗎?兩篇都蠻精彩的~~~ 我又很想台北了~~~~~


The press conference took place at Cathay Finacial Center. The main objective of the press conference is that NEOGENCE is going international! DO YOU KNOW?! NEOGENCE will not only be available in Asia, but also England, CANADA, and even Czech Republic!!! SO FREAKING COOL!!! Maybe I missed out on the released date in the countries (or already released) but I will keep you guys and girls updated here when I find out!!!!!!


記者會位於國泰金融中心。NEOGENCE 這次是要跟大家宣布說~“我們要邁向國際了!” 除了亞洲,NEOGENCE即將在英國,加拿大,和捷克都買得到喔!這個消息真的太讓人開心了!好的產品一定會受到大家的喜愛!我可能沒有聽到發行日期,所以不知道是不是已經發行了!哈哈~~知道了再跟你說!



Anyway, I pronounced myself as a NEOGENCE GAL!!! LOL!!!!!!



Quite suitable to be the NEOGENCE GAL right? lol. Thank you Eefee for the nice photo!! 😀

不錯吧~~~謝謝Eefee拍得那麼好看~~~ 呵呵!


See, I also took photo with the boss!! 😀 Can I be a NEOGENCE GAL, Dr. Hsieh????? hahaha!!!

我也和謝醫師拍了合照~~~ 我可以做NEOGENCE的代言人嗎?哈哈~~~


Meanwhile, we were one of the earliest to reach the place. After the yummy lunch, I really can’t eat these cute little finger food!!!!!! A lot of work is put into the decoration of the food!! TOO CUTE!!! I like the white with pearl the most though~~ Pretty!~~



The press conference starts~~




Melvin Sia, an actor from my neighbor country, Malaysia is the endorser for this event!



You can find NEOGENCE in all those countries who are marked!!



Olive is a popular skincare and makeup teacher in Taiwan!! She is super nice and very friendly!! She also said that she is currently in love with Singapore movies and Singlish!!! kekeke!! She is super nice and sweet!! 😛 Thank you for giving me confidence!! lol!

奧麗薇老師是台灣著名的美妝試用大王!她有很多年在雜誌當總編的經驗~所以她也跟我分享了很多!她說她很喜歡新加坡的電影!*感動*哈哈~因為新加坡的語言真的很有趣!我承認外國人會聽不懂我們在說甚麼~~因為我們新加坡人自己說話都會以最可以表達的語言來溝通!所以劈裡啪啦的一句話中,都會有英語,華語,福建(台語),馬來語,新加坡only的詞~~ 哈哈!要轉很快的!奧麗薇老師去年剛來新加坡渡假,也說很喜歡這裡~ 謝謝你喔!然後她也給了我很多信心!呵呵~


Herine ~~


Sweet Eefee is very cute, friendly, cheerful and inspiring~~~~ ^^



Team A with Team Leader Aria!! I miss you all~~~ A組的大家很小隊長Aria


The wonderful NEOGENCE staff~ Did you notice how tall the guys are??! Super tall ><



And actually…. some of the girls are very tall too!!!!!!!!!

NEXT UP~~~ we went to SaSa in Dong Qu to meet another Celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀



OMG, who is the celebrity? 明星明星~~到底是誰丫?



Do you find the guy on the right familiar?? YES, he is Taiwan’s celebrity makeup artiste SAM!!! He looks super good in person and he dresses like a royal prince!! 🙂

我們來看的明星就是很有名的Sam老師!!!!真人也太帥了吧~~~ 是個貴公子吧!呵呵~ *羞*


Sam’s skin is so so good. >_<~~~ *I need to put in more effort* ‘



Sam introduced to us some of the hot selling and recommended products available in SaSa (Available in SaSa Singapore!)!! NEOGENCE #1 product Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Cyber Color Brushes, SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara and also Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin Pack was for dry cuticles! I wrote about the SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara before!! I love it~~~~ ^^

Sam老師介紹了一些SaSa的明新產品~~(新加坡SASA當然也有啦)介紹的產品有NEOGENCE#1的 Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Cyber Color Brushes, SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara and also Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin!我之前介紹過 SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara


HAHAHA, and the first thing Sam said to me wass “The color of your bag is very pretty!” 😀 Sam Laoshi (Teacher), you have very good taste!!!

Sam老師第一句話就是“你包包的顏色很漂亮”~~ 哈哈哈!老師你的品味真好!

PS: Just wanna say that my knitted top is from Spiral Girl, and accessories are from OSEWAYA. All from JRunway! 😛

Then Team A and Team B went off first to ICE MONSTER for ice in the cold winter weather!!! We turned into MONSTER ICE GURLS immediately upon stepping in. HAHA!

A組和B組先搭捷運去ICE MONSTER吃冰囉~~~~馬上又變身為MONSTER~~~~~~~


Both Eefee and me wanted to get the hot ginger dessert because of the yummy smell!!! But we changed our mind since the ice looks better!!! Being greedy girls, we shared the Bubble Tea, Mango and Peanut (Winter Limited!)! LOL, thank you Steven for accommodating us. ^^

Eefee和我決定要一起嘗不同的口味,所以就叫了熱珍珠奶茶綿花甜, 新鮮芒果綿花甜, 花生鮮奶綿花甜(冬季限定)~謝謝Steven哥遷就我們喔~



This is what I chose!! MILK TEA, I will always love you the most!珍珠奶茶永遠是我的摯愛!

No.297, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan


Even when I am in Taipei, Tabi still told me.. “you won’t be alone” LOL! 到了台北還是看到我親愛的催Top~ 🙂

After yummy dessert, we walked around in Dong Qu, and then to Xi Men Ding to get my stuff, and of course I must go to my favourite Shilin Night Market!!! 😀

沒錯~ 我當然要跑去西門町和我最愛的士林夜市啦!!!!!!

We went to eat the famous Cold Noodles(my second time!) in Shilin Night Market, I ordered mild spicy and it is………….. super spicy in Singapore’s standard. *CRIES* Nevertheless, it was really super yummy! The noodle is very springy, sauce is good, and the hot delicious miso soup is a perfect match!

經過好朋友涼麵就告訴Herine說這家店很著名喔!涼麵很好吃的~~ (之前吃過)然後我就叫了小辣。。。。。台北的小辣是新加坡的大辣吧。。。。吃到我差點落淚~~~哈哈!可是涼麵真的很好吃!QQ的面,美味的燙~~味噌燙也很有味道!我們是最後第二批的客人!之後他們就關門了!太幸運了~~

I can almost see fire in my eyes! 眼睛都著火了~~~~~~~~

I didn’t sleep much that few days and supposed to have skin care check on the third day!! D:I quickly put on NEOGENCE DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask to salvage my skin!!! *cheating* 😛

因為隔天有機會做皮膚檢查,我當然要看看我的皮膚狀況~~~我只能說:老天是公平的~~應該沒有完美的人~~~*自我安慰* 所以那天晚上趕快敷NEOGENCE DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask救救我的皮膚!




Neogence DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-Cellulose mask selects a variety of anti-aging ingredients, with 3D bio-fiber mask and active ingredients that penetrates deeply into the skin to fight aging. The “skin repair factor α-LUPALINE ® + environmental resistant APS” repair the skin ; “Peptides MATRIXYLTM3000 + wrinkle removing hyaluronic acid capsule ball H.F.S. + compound Wrinkle Firming wins MULTI-PEPTIDES collaborate acting as collagen to increase skin elasticity, soothe the skin the appearance of fine lines, delay wrinkles, improve skin vitality, and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

霓淨思(Neogence)玻尿酸DNA彈力修護生物纖維面膜精選多種抗衰老成分,配合3D生物纖維面膜,有效成分直達肌底,對抗老化。「肌膚修護因子 α-LUPALINE®+環境抗污系統A.P.S.」日夜持續修護;「胜肽撫紋因子MATRIXYLTM3000+獨特除皺玻尿酸囊球H.F.S.+ 複合型抗皺緊膚胜MULTI-PEPTIDES」協同膠原蛋白作用,增加肌膚彈力,有效深入肌膚底層,舒緩肌膚細紋、延緩皺紋產生,提升肌膚活力,改善細 紋、皺紋與肌膚鬆弛等老化現象。


  • Skin repairing α-LUPALINE®
  • Environmental resistant A.P.S.
  • Wrinkle removing hyaluronic acid capsule ball H.F.S.
  • Peptides MATRIXYLTM3000
  • Anti-Wrinkle Firming Peptide MULTI-PEPTIDES
  • Hyaluronic Acid


  • 肌膚修護因子α-LUPALINE®
  • 環境抗污系A.P.S.
  • 獨特除皺玻尿酸囊球H.F.S.
  • 胜肽撫紋因子MATRIXYLTM3000
  • 複合型抗皺緊膚胜肽MULTI-PEPTIDES
  • 玻尿酸

5 in a pack but I used one in Taipei ;P 一盒有五片~可是我在台北用掉了一片


3 layers of mask to fully retain the essence of the mask!




Before and After

How come I look fairer????!!!! I can feel that my skin is tighter, bouncier, and looks happier!!! It looks radiant as compared to before which looks dull and sad. Then the big pores are also minimized!! My skin does feel and look better for 2-3 days which is really good! I will work harder to achieve better skin soon!!!!!

Meanwhile, you can get NEOGENCE EXCLUSIVELY in SaSa Singapore!! :)))

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 1 – Exciting Trip to NEOGENCE Factory and Laboratory!

Hi hi girls and guys~~ I took more than 500 photos during the NEOGENCE Taipei media trip so I am splitting Day 2 into 2 parts. ^^ Go read about day 1 if you haven’t? This trip is really something that I didn’t even thought will ever happen in my life. Thank you SaSa Singapore and NEOGENCE once again!! <3

不要笑我太誇張, 我居然在4天三夜的【NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】內,拍了超過500多張照片!!!所以這篇只是第二天第一篇!你讀了第一天的分享嗎?真的沒想過有那麼棒的機會去NEOGENCE的公司/工廠/記者會玩!再一次謝謝SaSaNEOGENCE

On Day 2, we visited NEOGENCE‘s factory and Laboratory!! Super super fun experience!!!!! How many chances will one have to visit the backstage of any company?! I feel like I am a PART of the NEOGENCE family already. *_* I even tried filling an actual product into its bottle using the machine! 😀 I wonder who will be the lucky person who bought it. GOOD LUCK AND MAY ALL THE VERY BEST THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU!

第二天一早我們就去NEOGENCE的出身地!這次真的是很特別的一次經驗!一輩子會有多少機會可以去觀摩一個公司的工廠和實驗室!XD 我都覺得我是NEOGENCE大家族的一份子了!^^我既然還裝了一瓶產品喔!買到的那個人,我祝你一切順利~好事不斷!

NEOGENCE’s company is actually called “GET RAISING COSMETICS”!



Skincare heaven!!!!!

The company of NEOGENCE was started in 2007 and look how many ranges they have in a mere 6 years! *ASTONISHED* One of my guy friends asked if the company of NEOGENCE has skincare for guy, YES THEY DO HAVE!!! Just that they are not available in Singapore yet. THEY NEED TO COME TO SINGAPORE! The guys who are working in NEOGENCE have super good skin. *boohoo* I lose~~~~ It’ll be really good for guys in Singapore to try skincare products under the same company!!!!

NEOGENCE創辦於2007年!在短短的6年內,他們推出了多少產品!*驚訝*我的男性朋友有問我NEOGENCE有沒有給男性的系列~其實有啊~~只是新加坡還沒有~~ NEOGENCE公司男生女生的皮膚都非常好~~我整個超羨慕!我也希望新加坡男生有機會可以使用NEOGENCE公司那麼好的產品!

The visit to the Factory and Laboratory is not an easy task actually.. Due to hygiene purpose, all of us had to “change” our outfit from head…



to toe!! hahaha!!




Let me introduce to you my new found friend Eefee from Malaysia!! lol. You will see her pretty face in part 2 ~~ ^^

馬來西亞的新朋友Eefee~~ 她真的超可愛超漂亮的(第二篇揭曉~哈哈)!希望她會來新加坡找我,還是我去吉隆坡找她玩囉~


Can you guess who is in the picture with me this time? It’s Herine ~~ lol



Hehehe, the two founders smiling at us cheerfully in the early hours! ^^


As I mentioned that we were in 4 groups, so we moved around to 3 different sections. Station 1—> Research and Development /Examination, Station 2—> Manufacturing, Station 3—> Everything you need to know about NEOGENCE and mini game.

我們大家分成4組~ 第一階段--->實驗室, 第二階段--->產品調製,第三階段--->產品包裝和小遊戲~

Station 1—> Research and Development /Examination 第一階段--->實驗室



So….. we are entering the laboratory which needs to be more careful of hygiene!



I transform again!!!! LOL! Can you see that I am smiling under the mask? I admit that I didn’t laugh in other photos with the mask already. 😛

所以我~~~又變身了~~~~~~~~~~ ^^ 我有在微笑喔!其他戴口罩的照片。。。我就沒有笑了~ 反正看不出來嘛~哈哈!


This place is such a sacred place – the birth of many NEOGENCE products! The NEOGENCE products that you used had been tested over and over again here in order to be the BEST product which is suitable for you! *salutes*

實驗室感覺很酷吧!這是個多神聖的地方!你用的NEOGENCE產品就是在這裡, 經過多少試驗再試驗才調配而成的~~*向所以參與研究的博士們敬禮*你們是我的偶像~謝謝你們研發了那麼適合我用的產品!


Do I look professional? Haha~~ I am Profession Chen for one minute~~~

偶有木有很專業的feel? 我是1分鐘的陳博士~~~~ ^^


HAHA! I looked super super professional and serious~~~~~~ do you know what product we were testing? The answer is BB CREAM!! Did you see the black powder? Black is used to darken the color of the BB cream. Each of us in Team A added one ingredients each~ *Team work*

認真的女人最美~~所以我覺得我這樣很美。。。哈哈!你知道我們在調配甚麼產品嗎?答案就是~BB霜!看到黑色應該覺得很奇怪吧?!黑色和紅色是為了調顏色~ 黑色就會深一點!這個是TEAM A合作調出來的!一人加一份~ ^^


It seemed like it is kind of wasted that I didn’t become a scientist or something. LOL! SUPER SERIOUS ~~~ actually I’ve forgotten what this is for but it should be for some kind of cream 😛 I only remembered that it was super hot!!

我沒有去讀物理感覺好浪費~~哈哈哈!也太認真了吧我~~ 對不起、我忘記這個是甚麼儀器了。我只記得這個很燙~哈哈哈哈!


We are family~~ Team A with Team leader Aria!! lol, Super matching from head to toe!!

A組和小隊長Aria~~ 我們穿得都很配喔~~~真的從頭到腳都一樣!哈哈!

Next, time for us to go to work!!! We went to the manufacturing factory!!! SUPER SUPER COOL place to see how they worked!! 😀

之後我們搭電梯就下一樓去工作囉~~~~~ 我們到了產品調制室!這裡也是讓我大開眼界的地方!



You must sanitize your hands before you go into the manufacturing factory!! XD



I only found out that Dr Hsieh did this super cute pose when I uploaded my photos. So cute~~!

哈哈哈~~~~~ 我是看到照片才知道謝博士也會擺那麼可愛的姿勢!太可愛了啦!:D


This room is the entrance to the manufacturing room! Super cool as you have to step inside for a while to get rid of all the germs on your body!! The door will only open when the job is done!! When you are coming out, you will not be “blown” by the strong wind.






The transformer that manufactures NEOGENCE products!



After the manufacturing process,  all these babies are waiting to be packed!!!



This is me trying out to fill the product!! Can I go and part-time next time if I go to Taipei? XD



Dr. Hsieh agreed to let me work for him….. hahahah. 😛



Team A with Dr Hsieh! I almost can’t recognize myself already~~  Next up is Dr Tsai’s turn to share with us more information with GET RAISING COSMETICS~

A組的大家這次,更配了!*大笑* 參觀完製作過程後, 蔡博士就跟AB兩組分享了GET RAISING COSMETICS~(NEOGENCE公司)的所有所有~

9 10

Last but not least, the products are now ready for packaging!! XD Can you spot the silver metal door? It is to transport the products which are filled up from level 5 to level 6 for packaging!! We also played a mini game to put the bottles into the paper packaging with Team B! We lost~~~~~ T_T~~

最後呢~~ 產品就準備穿上美美的包裝了!你看到那個銀色的門嗎?它其實是小電梯!裝好的產品就會從5樓運送到6樓來包裝!我們也和B組玩了小遊戲~~哈哈~我們輸了~ T_T~



One thing about Taiwan is that their bento is super yummy!! You can get good bentos in 7-11~~~ The chicken is so yummmy and I can’t finish the huge portion~~~

我們的便當午餐!這個雞肉也太好吃了吧!*幸福* 而且份量大到我都吃不完~

I’ll share with you guys and girls about Day 2 part 2 soon~ We went to NEOGENCE press conference, Sasa, and went to Ice Monster for ice!! XD

第二天第2篇待續。。。^^ 接著就是參加記者會去看大明星們,參與了Neogence記者招待會,去Sasa,還有在Ice Monster吃冰! XD

☆ Agnès b. CAFÉ L.P.G Da-an Chocolate Café

If you want dessert that makes you want to tear a little because it is … mouth-watering, and also pleasing enough that looks like a piece of art, and a place that you can chill the whole afternoon after shopping in Taipei, you HAVE to go to Agnes B. Cafe at Dongqu!
I am in love with this cafe officially! I AM SO GOING BACK there the next time I visit Taipei! (Most probably next July… again!! I KNOW RIGHT!) I love it as much as Jiufen, Shilin Ye Shi, and Ah Gei! ^^ Also my Gang Ji Green Bean paste! I LOVE TAIWAN!!!!!!! 
Alamaks, I HAVE TO VISIT KENGDING too! I have lost count of the number of times I went to Taiwan….  7???? or 8 times???? Even though I said I am sick of Taipei but….. now I fall in love with her again! LOL! 
I just realized that this Agnes B. Cafe in Dongqu is the flagship store, and serves only desserts! The ambiance is just amazing!!!! As we were meeting my dearest friend of almost a decade for dinner (while hoping someone can join us after work….. :((((( ended at 12 am…), we only stayed here for an hour plus. Agnes b. Cafe is only at Taiwan and Hong Kong… WE NEED IT IN SINGAPORE!
Just for fun, Taiwanese calls Agnes B. “小b”~~ hahahahahah! It means ‘little b”. They like to call people with 小 = Little something. How cute. So I can be Xiao Xiu~~

Even though I have short sightedness, I saw the signboard when we were very far away. LOL, I am very good at making out things even though they are blur.

The famous Bunny of Agnes b.
A very cozy and lovely environment and I bet I can sit here for hours!
I ordered something minty. 🙂 Hot water is free flow~~~~~
Joyce’s yummy strawberry something… haha, forgot the name!
 My cake~~~~~~ which I also forgot the name!

 Reason why I ordered?? Mashmellow filling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE LOVE LOVE *TOUCHED*

Agnès b. CAFÉ L.P.G. Da-an Chocolate Café :

Address: 台北市大安路一段106巷2號1樓, No. 2, Lane 106, Section 1, Dà’ān Rd, Daan District Taipei City, Taiwan 106
電話: 02-8773-5273
營業時間: 12:00~23:00(無供應飯麵餐食,無預訂位)Only desserts served, no reservation

It is nearby Hello Kitty Sweets! You can just walk further down from HK Sweets, and on the second junction, you will see Agnes b. Cafe on the left! :DDDD

View Larger Map

❤ Hello Kitty Sweets at Taipei – Part 2 ❤

Pink Hello Kitty Menu! Cute!
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Part 2 for Hello Kitty Sweets! Keep calm and enjoy Hello Kitty Sweets! Visit Part One if you haven’t~~^^
Even the dish coaster is Hello Kitty~ 😀
So what kawaii food did I order? 

Soup and salad from the meal! Korilakkuma likes it too! 😀
Even the bread has Hello Kitty face!!!! XD
You ready for the cuteeeee meal?
Hello Kitty Hamburger!!!!!!!! XDD

I had already decided on what I want to order before I stepped into Hello Kitty Sweets. HEHEHE! Too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Korilakkuma wants to kiss it… i mean eat it!
Of cos must take photo with food! LOL
My dessert came and my poor Kitty is injured 🙁
Luckily Joyce’s pudding isssssss perfect.
awwwww…. Kitty face Strawberry latte!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!
lol, of cos must take selca~~
Looking sick by then because of FLU and stomach… >_< (Not because of the food!)
Being a Hello Kitty themed cafe, of cause the toilet must be cute and PINK too!
Who wants this chair toooooooooooooo?
The food is MEH and pricey (but portion is HUGE), but I will definitely recommend you to go if you are a Hello Kitty Fan, or just want to check it out to see how cute it is (like me…) .

Address:台北市大安路一段90號, No. 90, Section 1, Dà’ān Rd, Daan District Taipei City, Taiwan Opening Hours:11:30~22:00(daily)
How to go:捷運板南線「忠孝復興」站3號出口, Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station Exit 3

Basically you climb up the stairs (humpffff! tiring!) and get out of Exit 3, turn right at the second junction, walk straight and you will see the cafe! ;D

PS: Agnes B Cafe is somewhere around here too!!!!!! Will I share about Agnes B Cafe? LOL, of cause I will!

Thank god I am a Chinese so I never had a problem walking around Taipei, with all the chinese pronunciation of the roads in English, I wonder how many non-chinese can pronounce or understand it properly. 😛

❤ Hello Kitty Sweets at Taipei – Part 1❤

I already went dizzy because of happiness when I see the Hello Kitty and HUGE RIBBON signboard! This must be the CUTEST signboard everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Using the ribbon and incorporate into the T, how clever!!!!
Cute day to you!!!!!!!!! As promised, I am sharing about the absolutely mega super duper Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe!!!!!!!!
Read on to join me in the shrieking of Hello Kitty photo bomb!!!! 😀 PLEASE bear with me regarding all the crazy disgusting girly language in this entry. HAHA.

Say awwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~ I have a weakness for Kitties, ribbons, pink, polka dots, pearls, glitter, pastel colors~~~~~lol
Gaspppppppppppp! Every cake is Hello Kitty!!!!!!!! Hello Kitty OVERDOSE~~~~~~~~
Ribbon~~~ Pinku Pinku~~~~~
psssssss…. take a short break to look at the interior of the cafe entrance (to catch your breath) before I show you the SUPER CUTE KITTY CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! *calms down*
There is even a HOT PINK Kitty sofa!!!! *FAINTS* This auntie is very not automatic…. I am taking photo and she go and sit. (Not sure if is an auntie but.. humpf)
Alright, ready to take a peek at the Kitty Cakes??
Cute die me, cute die me, die die me~~~~~~~
Ahhhh~~~~ kawaii!!!!!!!! The right most is as if Kitty is soaking in water… lol. SO CUTE!
Not sure if the baker is a guy or girl! Will be very happy to bake this everyday if she is a girl. haha!
I also want the Kitty face as my birthday cake! Singapore, WHY U NO HAVE CUTE CAFES!
Cutest cashier counter~~~~ Okay, Disneyland’s cashier counters are also super cute. 😛
There are two levels in Hello Kitty Sweets, and thank goodness we were brought up to the second level!!
I can’t hide my happiness even though I am not a huge Kitty fan! I can update my cover page with this now! haha

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTEEEEE… the walls~~~ *kiss*
Look at the table, look at the wallpaper! 超可愛い!!!!!!*faints*

 CUTE OR NOT? HAPPY OR NOT? No faking at my smiles even I was terribly sick with flu (how unlucky T_T~~) and still smiling from the bottom of my heart! 😀 TOO CUTE ALREADY!

I thought that I will be able to put everything into one entry but it seems I still have another 50% of the photos to upload~~~~~ Please pardon me that I will end this entry, and prepare for a part 2 at the end of this week. :DDDDD 
I know you can’t wait to see the CUTEST LOOKING FOOD ever!!!!

Hello Kitty can’t wait to see you soon too! ^^