THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Serum



Mirror Mirror, please turn me just a bit  to be like Suzy!!! LOL

Brighten up your skin again with pure ingredients from the nature!

THEFACESHOP presents a lineup of all-natural brightening essences for your facial skin. Made of pure white lupine seed and white daisy, White Seed Brightening line (Toner, Lotion, Serum, Cream, Eye serum, Concentrate and Cleanser) will restore your skin to the luminance of youth!

THEFACESHOP’s White seed’s delivers 3-step brightening system that gives milk-like, clear skin! Continue reading


Have you already ride on the trend of the KBeauty Trend of Cushion Foundation? Cushion Foundation provides long-lasting moisture without any tautness, the effects of anti-aging, the micro-collagen to maintain young looking skin, and lastly, the radiance to bring out a natural glow.

I have about 8 types of Cushion Foundation and I definitely prefer it over foundation and BB cream due to its glowing looking skin effect and convenient for on-the-go makeup! ^^

Following with the mega hit of Oil Control Water Cushion, THEFACESHOP introduces a new lineup for cushion makeup – the CC Cushion.


This advance and new CC Cushion has the great blend of the color control functions of CC Cream, the moisturizing abilities of Cushion foundation which provides long-lasting moisture without any tautness, the effects of anti-aging, the micro-collagen to maintain young looking skin, and lastly, the radiance to bring out a natural glow.


The product applies ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisture and flower essential formula that contains 7 different unique blends of flower oil essences – almond; borage; rose; german chamomile; calendula; rosemary and lavender, for brighter skin expression, improve skin texture and skin regeneration.

The new ‘THEFACESHOP’s CC CUSHION’ is composed with 2 series; ‘CC Intense Cover Cushion’ and ‘CC Ultra Moist Cushion’.


The two CC Cushions may have the same packaging on the front, but you can differentiate them at the back.


So as per usual, this is my bare face (Eyelash Extension done by Bejeweled) with dull looking skin, acne on my chin ~ T_T

tfs_CC Cushion.jpg

CC Intense Cover Cushion (Combination to oily skin types)

‘CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION’ is excellent for those who want perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. The CC Intense Cover Cushion is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and coverage effects. It provides strong coverage with great abilities to hide blemishes and great adheres to the skin without the feeling of heaviness.

KIYORA: This is my face with just applying the CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION and see how my uneven looking skin and the acne on my chin is covered and looking all  radiant without looking like I applied heavy makeup! ^^

TFS_CC Cushion 2

Then this is photo is after I applied eyebrow colour and lip colours! Super natural looking makeup thanks to CC Intense Cover Cushion!

tfs_CC Cushion 3

CC Ultra Moist Cushion (Normal to dry skin types)

CC ULTRA MOIST CUSHION is favorable for those who want radiance and intense moisturizing effect which prevents chapped skin even through the winter season. The CC Ultra Moist Cushion is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and radiance effects. It delivers moisture and radiance as if applying essential serum.

tfs_ CC Cushion 4

Hehehe, since I will be visiting Hokkaido in March which will be up to -8°C, the CC Ultra Moist Cushion will be perfect!!! I love how it gives my skin radiance and intense moisturizing effect for hours!!!

tfs_CC Cushion 5

The FACESHOP CC Ultra Moist Cushion (15g) – $29.90
The FACESHOP CC Intense Cover Cushion (15g) – $29.90

Available in the following shades – Pure Beige (V103); Apricot Beige (V201); Natural Beige (V203)

Grab yours from any THE FACESHOP shop now!!! Looking forward to THEFACESHOP’s stores new look this year! ^^


Around the World with THEFACESHOP

When I was in Japan, my sister excitedly told me that THEFACESHOP sent me an extremely cute and big luggage filled with Korean Beauty Skincare Goodness!! <3 <3 <3


The feeling of romantic vacation in the best holiday destinations this Christmas, brings you to THEFACESHOP limited edition Christmas sets – Around the World.

Experience Paris, the City of Romance; the free spirit and trends of New York; and the traditions of an English gentleman from London with the best skincare and beauty to present to your loved ones your heartfelt wishes.

Celebrate this Christmas with THEFACESHOP and bring your loved ones Around the World!!!!!!!


Let’s check out what Christmas Gifts THEFACESHOP gave me! 🙂


These Limited Edition Sets are packaged beautifully so that you place them  under the Christmas trees as presents – saving the step to wrap!!tfsxmas3

Around the World Protect Me! Hand Care Set $24.90tfsxmas4

Around the World Face Care Set $18.90tfsxmas5


HOHOHO~ Santa Kiyora Wishes you a Merry Christmas! 😛 Get these cute Character Mask from THEFACESHOP now! <3


Around the World Christmas Sets are available at THEFACESHOP booth at Jurong Point and Bugis Junction and there will be exclusive Christmas Sets available at these two places! Go grab your Christmas Sets from as low at $14.90 from THEFACESHOP now!!!


THEFACESHOP Makeup on the Go Event!

THEFACESHOP don’t just have the most creative press kits, their event is also super super creative too!!!

I had a really interesting morning learning to do “make-up on the go” with THEFACESHOP and Singapore’s Celebrity Make-Up Artist Larry Yeo while riding on a BUS!! Maybe next time I can sleep ten more minutes and do my makeup on the… Bus too? 😀


We first gathered at THEFACESHOP Bugis Junction and then boarded THEFACESHOP Chartered Bus to meet Larry!


Larry looking totally kiyomi~~~ 😛  While cruising from Bugis Junction via Orchard Road to Plaza Singapura, Larry showcased tips and tricks on how to do make-up on the go!

He shared some tips and tricks on how to look amazing while we are in a rush in the morning! Check out THEFACESHOP’s facebook as they reveal more tricks from Larry! Below are 2 tips that they shared! 😀


Perfect your Oil Control Water Cushion on the go!
1. Go through your skincare regime before leaving your house.
2. Apply Oil Control Water Cushion. Tip: Always start from the center of your face and slowly even out to the rest of your face.
3. For Oily skin type, finish with powder.

I have shared about Oil Control Water Cushion before!


Perfect your eyebrows on the go!
Larry says, “THEFACESHOP Design My Eye Brow (Lovely me:ex range) in 04 is the most suitable for asians as our brows are naturally black and this eyebrow pencil is in the perfect shade of taupe.”
Larry’s Tip: Always use a stable hand. Lend your default hand support by leaning on the windows if you manage to sit/stand near the windows or hold onto the pole if you’re standing on the bus. 🙂

I also received a set of THEFACESHOP cosmetics which Larry demonstrated for the tutorial! <3 Thank you!! 😀 😀 😀


Here are the THEFACESHOP products that I received:

  1. Oil Control Water Cushion – $29.90
    • Go and read my review with the link above!
  2. Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil #4 Brown- $9.90
    • A triangular shape automatic eyebrow pencil that you can adjust the angle to create any shape you want
    • Soft texture that completely adheres to the eyebrows and more powerful long lasting abilities!
  3. Soft Cream Blusher 02 Coral- $14.90

    • With bright colors and transparent base, expresses pure, clean cheeks like a watercolor and natural radiance.
  4. Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink – $15.90
    • Melts into lips on application for long-lasting color without stickiness
    • Reacts to body temperature for rosy lips as time goes by
    • Contains anti-wrinkle effects to prevent clumping effects
    • Provides sun protection effect of SPF13 for healthy lips!
  5. Over Girl Edge Stick Eyeshadow PK01 – $9.90
    • Dazzle up those eyes with a variety of colourful eye colours from THEFACESHOP’s Overgirl Edge Stick Eyes collection!

OMG, I was really shocked when I know the prices!!!!! WHY IS IT SO CHEAP?????~!!! There is a reason why THEFACESHOP is always Singapore’s #1 favourite Korean cosmetics!!!!!! I will definitely get the Cream Blusher and Eyebrow Pencil when I finished using! Actually, I also like the Eyeshadow because I never thought that I can wear only Eyeshadow without any eyeliner!!

Here are the swatches for the Eyebrow Pencil, Soft Cream blusher and Over Girl Edge Stick!


I really love the Soft Cream Blusher as the orange tint appears like a natural highlighter giving me a rosy and healthy-looking skin! Larry also said that Orange tint is very suitable for girls like me who face the computer a lot and sleep late…. lol, because we have dull looking skin!!!! From what I know,  orange blusher pops against medium to tan skin, and powder blush can appear dull on dry skin, so this cream blusher is PERFECT for me!!! XD I REALLY LOVE THE CREAM BLUSHER!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Favourite Blusher award goes to Soft Cream Blusher!! 😀


And then and then, I mentioned above that I didn’t use any eyeliner over the Over Girl Edge Stick and I am still able to pull the Korean look off right? lol! Not bad~~~~ I saved like 5min since I no need to perfect my usual cat wing eyeliner!!!!! 😛


Then then then, for the Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink right, I was actually afraid that the pink will not appear since I have naturally darker lips. HOWEVER, it really amazed me how it gives my lips a really nice juicy kissable pink while keeping it moisturised!! Current favourite lippy is also this. 😛


Last but not least, for my eyebrow…. I think I am slowly learning to draw it better! I know it is still not perfect, but I will practise and practise until I can make them right!!!!! *WINKS* Do share your tips with me too and I am more than willing to learn! <3 What I like about Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil is that with the triangular shape, I can adjust the angle to create any shape I want! ^^ However, my brow is a bit the thick when I tried using the products… LOL LOL!!!! Even more Korean look…… (Korean Oppa?? nook~~lol )


SO HAPPY THAT I LEARNED MANY  TIPS TO SAVE TIME FOR MY MAKEUP!!!!! I will erm… try to do my makeup on the bus if I ever will be late. MUHAHAHAH!!!! Visit any THEFACESHOP outlet to try out the products k!!! <3


Just let me share with you about THEFACESHOP Halloween Members’ Special! Enjoy 15% off storewide starting from today till 1 November 2015! 4 more days only!!!!


THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion

THEFACESHOP Singapore is super creative with their media kit as always!!! They sent me a Safari zoo, Kim Soo Hyung, book… etc this time, they sent me a SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛


<3 Sebum control. Even & Full coverage. Lightweight. <3

This time round, the highlight is actually THEFACESHOP latest addition to its Cushion Foundation range – The Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++. This cushion foundation is targeted at ladies whom are concerned about sebum control, and prefer their makeup to have fresh mattifying effects. <3

Existing cushion base products in the market are mainly formulated with BB and CC creams which focus on providing radiance and a glowy finish. Such finishes may be frustrating for customers with oily skin type as it may cause them to look shiny instead of glowy!!! 🙁

THEFACESHOP’s Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ is formulated with foundation and contains Sebum Cut Powder which controls sebum and visually erases imperfections. It is clinically tested to be perspiration-proof and is able to maintain coverage and UV protection even in contact with perspiration. This is perfect for a sunny and humid country like Singapore and also Malaysia!!!

Worried that the Sebum control abilities will turn your skin overly dry? You do not have to worry!!!!

The Oil Control Water Cushion is enriched with Dolomiti Italain Pure Mineral Water that keeps skin hydrated, and Clear Tasmanian Water that boost skin immunity and cellular renewal!

THEFACESHOP’s Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ also comes with a LG patented micro foam cushion! The memory foam holds the foundation and creates a high definition finish as it is 4x denser than regular sponges. It is also able to keep foundation fresher as it prevents the foundation from drying out quickly.


OMG… my skin, my hair, my eyebrow …. lol lol! I need to make appointment to touch up my black roots and facial!!!! LOL! Thank goodness I will transform in a bit as you scroll down… 😛


There are 2 shades available V201 & V203, and the colour I received was V203. I belong to the healthy tan. 😀

I usually still apply sunblock before foundation, and the one I was using is TheFaceShop Sebum Control Sunblock! The application of the Oil Control Water Cushion is as per other cushion, using a tapping movement. ???


Here you can see how clean and refreshing (hydrated) my skin looks like below after using the Oil Control Water Cushion! I almost feel like I am not wearing anything makeup thanks to the very light texture! My skin does not feel oily nor dry but feels hydrated and clean for long hours even though I am cropped in air-conditioned 3/4 of the day! I can touch my face at any time and don’t feel sticky at all!


I must also give credit to the coverage! You can see that my nose and chin has acne and scars but they are covered up pretty well! 😀 😀

I am a #fail beauty blogger since I don’t know how to use concealer…. highlights… you name it. Haha~~Thank you for still reading my blog even though I am so inexperienced!!!!! ??

THEFACESHOP’s Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ is now available at SGD$29.90 in all THEFACESHOP outlets at!! Refills are at SGD$20.90~~ I think refill should be priced a little lower though 😛

Be back later my beautifuls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEFACESHOP – Character Mask Sheets

Reached home after my Japan trip and mom told me, “Someone sent you a weird looking box!!” What is it? What is it? It says BEWARE DANGER and it even has scratches of unknown animals on it! Answer to be announced in at the bottom!!!

LOL, no.. THEFACESHOP didn’t send me a giant cat! Instead, they sent me a tiger, fox, panda, sheep and dragon! Please don’t bite me~~lol, I can’t wait to try these cute character masks!!!

I CAN’T SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THEFACESHOP MEIDA KIT!! They always have the most creative ideas ever!! The new Character Mask Sheets are THEFACESHOP’s latest and by far the most interesting mask sheet line ever!! 😀

thefceshopanimalmask2 Continue reading

THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid – Lip stick , Lip Gloss and Lip Tint all in one.

I received this season’s best lip products- “Ink Lipquid” from THEFACESHOP Singapore!!!! Thank you Alethia babe! INKLIQUID THEFACESHOP brings on a whole new level of lip colour formation “Ink Lipquid“, a super nourishing lip collection with 12 gorgeous shades! Combining the rich colours of a lipstick, the long-lasting effects of a lip tint and the moisturization from a lip gloss, the new “Ink Lipquid” combines the wonders of all lip products, giving you a full lip palette! Its name is derived from a combination of two words: lip + liquid. Hence, bringing you an extremely moisturizing fluid lip colour product. With the colours extracted from flower ingredients, the “Ink Lipquid” promises full concentrated colour formation. Screen shot 2015-06-17 at AM 12.23.16 3 Key Points of “Ink Lipquid“: – Lasts for 12 hours with serum base moisture Maintains moisture on lips with 70% water base (*Clinical test complete) – Color stain maintained for 12 hours Vivid colours that are long lasting on lips for up to 12 hours (*Clinical test complete) – A light touch with the pen’s tip completes fully colored lips An ink pen tip like brush helps in application of colour, presenting a clear lip shape The new Ink Lipquid is equipped with THEFACESHOP’s very own makeup technology- “Moisture Holding System”. This makeup technology helps maintain moisture with its water-holding ingredient. In addition, the “Ink Staying Polymer” technology helps maintain fresh and clean make up through creating a light and transparent film layer that holds moisture and color.

I received 3 shades from the 12 colours!!!


thefaceshop1 pink thefaceshop4 From the Pink series, I received the PK03 SHAH PINK and it is such a cute colour! It looks really kissable as if I had just been kiss! 😛 If you are looking for a sweet look, you should definitely get this! *MUAHS* pink2 For the Red series, I received RD02 RED SING!! This red is the stronger and more vivid among the 2 reds and I absolutely love how strikingly and alive it transformed my dark lips into! 😀 I would wear this when I want to dress something more mature!!! thefaceshop2 red sing 1 red sing 2 Last but not least, my most favourite pick of the 3 “Ink Lipquid” is OR02 ORANGE SOME from the orange range! This colour is definitely AWESOME and totally I will wear this if I want to look more lively and playful! thefaceshop3 orange 2 orange These newly launched Ink Lipquid are now retailing THEFACESHOP stores and are priced at $17.90 each. <3

TheFaceShop Sebum Control Sunblock

Natural Sun Eco – Outshine the Sun with TheFaceShop Best Selling Suncare! I used to hate sunblock as they are thick, heavy and sticky! I am glad that I discovered many sunblocks that are light and not-sticky at all! Now I use sunblock diligently even if I do not apply BB Cream or foundation!

Why is Sunblock so important? 🙁 Daily excessive exposure to harmful UV rays without protection may lead to freckles, deepened wrinkles and other skin ailments. 🙁 Sunblock is not a choice, but a necessity for everyone to look for an absolute quality sun care!!!! Especially for us in Singapore, the sun shines so brightly and I really don’t mind being tanned but I don’t want to look old and wrinkly!!!!


Therefore I am happy to introduce to you THEFACESHOP’s best selling suncare range- Natural Sun Eco. A range of sunscreen that contains eco-certified organic Sunflower extracts with a wide variety of suncreams suited for everyone’s needs. Sweat and water-resistant, the Natural Sun Eco Sunscreens are strong against the sun yet light on the skin – all you need in a perfect sunscreen! The Natural Sun Eco Suncare range is sweat and water-resistant and finishes with a velvety like texture on skin, suitable for humid and hot weather conditions (What better than Singapore’s weather and Summer in other countries!).

Continue reading

World’s First Cushion Screen Cell from THEFACESHOP

*MUAHS* Thank you THEFACESHOP Singapore and Alethia Dearie again for the surprised delivery of the Cushion Screen Cell Cushion Foundation in February!

Even KingKing loves the Cushion!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Back to the main topic of the Cushion Screen Cell instead of the cutest macaroon cushion KK is holding!!!! TOO CUTE PLEASE!!!!!! I just know that 18th of March is Macaroon’s Day which is KK’s birthday too!! XD I also received cute macaroons along in the press kit! I love THEFACESHOP’s press kit so much!


What is so special about THEFACESHOP’s Cushion Screen Cell?

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