One day in Nara: Mt Yoshino and Nara Park

During my trip to Japan, Joanne and I had a homestay over at Nishi-san’s house! So glad to see Nishi-san, Yaemi-san and also Falcon after many years!!!^^

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at PM 10.31.06

Hello my sweet old friend!

We took a train early in the morning over from Osaka to Nara to meet Nishi-san! Nishi-san then sent us back to his house to unload our luggage then drove to Mt Yoshino!

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BIGBANG at Osaka

Hehehe, sorry for taking so long to update my Osaka Trip in November!!!! I want to share with you guys day 2 and 3 at Osaka! One of our main purposes of visiting Japan this time was actually to catch BIGBANG’s concert!!! LOL LOL!! Please ignore my fangirling because Mr T.O.P is gonna enlist in army so I just want to catch his performance! 😛

I think this was my 4th time to Osaka!!! I still really like the Kansai region a lot since I am most familiar with this area! I’ve visited Osaka Castle during Winter, and twice in Autumn! Haha, I am really glad that this time I managed to catch some beautiful colours instead of the naked trees in the previous autumn!

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Japan Autumn Kobe – Himeji Castle and Namie Amuro Concert!

Hehehehe! So happy that I went to Japan for a second time last year! Hope you enjoyed my Kyushu posts! <3 I will be visiting Hokkaido in March!! *SCREAMS* Hokkaido is also one of my dream places to visit!! LOL, Japan is just so addictive!!!! ^^ I am also looking forward to March to look for a new adventure and chapter of my life if you know what I mean! Wish me good luck!!!!!!! 😀

On 20th to 30th November 2015, I went over to Osaka-> Kobe-> Osaka-> Nara-> Kyoto-> Takayama-> Tokyo! Busy and super packed schedule! LOL!

Actually for the main purpose of this trip, Jochan and I wanted to catch BIGBANG’s concert in Japan!!! They were in Osaka from 20th to 22nd November! A big thanks to our sweet Japanese friend, Yayoi for helping us with the tickets and also many Krunk products!!! <3 <3  I also wanted to visit Kansai area properly again this time since I only went to Universal Studio in June. ^^

One of the main highlights was visiting Himeji Castle! There are many beautiful castles in Japan, but I fell in love with Himeji Castle when I first saw its photo! It looks so elegant with its white appearance! However, Himeji Castle was under a huge renovation for a few years and finally reopened in March 2015! <3

Since we were staying in Osaka, we got a One-day Kansai JR Pass from Osaka to Kobe so because a single trip is also really expensive!

Himeji-jo is the finest surviving example of early 17th-century Japanese castle architecture, comprising 83 buildings with highly developed systems of defence and ingenious protection devices dating from the beginning of the Shogun period. It is a masterpiece of construction in wood, combining function with aesthetic appeal, both in its elegant appearance unified by the white plastered earthen walls and in the subtlety of the relationships between the building masses and the multiple roof layers.

Himeji Castle is a National Treasure and was added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1993! Also the fourth Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Site I visited! ^^
Spotted a kitty rock climbing! *purrs*
Super super huge size castle! Do be prepared to be squeezed with people and wear good walking shoes since you need to climb a lot of olden days steps which is super scary when coming down! Both Jochan and I got muscle ache the next day… LOL!!!!!
I have been dreaming of visiting you for years and I finally see you, Himeji Castle!!!!! <3 _ <3 Himeji Castle is really beautiful and I highly recommend you to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a long walk but I am glad that the weather was really cooling which was just nice! <3 Actually we felt that we wore too much! haha!!



Hyogo’s scenery is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! <3 Wish I can stay here!!!!


Magnificent when closed up!!!!!!!!



Autumn colours is also really beautiful!!!!!!
Missing the beautiful scenery, cooling fresh air <3
 We had dinner at Zipang and this pork rice was just so oishii~~~~ I want to eat it again!!!!! <3

Then finally we ended the night with Namie-chan’s concert!!!! OMG!! I liked her since I was in my teens and she previously came to Singapore for a concert but cancelled in the end! Therefore, I was totally overwhelmed when I finally saw her singing and dancing in person!!!!!!!! Tears just rolled down my eyes when I see her beautiful and cute face!!!! *blush* Hahahahha! I admit I teared a couple of times during the concert!!! hahahahah!!!!! She is even cuter and prettier in person!!!! She sang and danced so well!!!! I cannot believe that she is already 38 years old!!!!



If you have been following my instagram, you will see that I updated my Japan trip while I was there thanks to HIS Singapore – your Japan Specialist!
 For as low as $8 per day, and you can connect to up to 10 devices! ???? HIS also provide services like Disney tickets, JR passes, Sanrio Puroland tickets and all varieties of Japan packages (free & easy, private group, customized). Check out for more information!


As per usual, more photos can be found over at my facebook!!!!!!!! Be back soon with more of my Japan wanderlust!!!

Kagurame Lake + Shidaka Lake + Hell of Beppu

We went to Beppu for 1 night and went to Yufuin on the second night! Let me continue sharing about day 2 of Beppu! Do read about Day 1 if you haven’t!

First thing first, you must get the Beppu 1 Day Mini Free Passport from the train station! ^^ They have an English Speaking Customer Service to help! 😀 I visited Kagurame Lake for Iris viewing, Lake Shidaka and Hells of Beppu!12030547_10154303192872814_4566219030035000208_o

Depending on the days, the timing of the buses defer and stopped at some places only! It should stop at Kagurame Lake during weekend. You can visit Kagurame Lake on the right, and Shidaka Lake on th right. Since I love flowers viewing, we decided to visit Kagurame Lake first.  We kind of chose the wrong way…. lol. We walked on the side of the misty road for about 15 minutes with cars just beside us. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from Kagurame Lake to Shidaka Lake, we can go through a short cut via the hill. However, the mountain was so steep I had to stop 2 times to catch my breath. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Serve me right for wearing Heeled Sneakers. =X Continue reading

Beppu – Japan’s Most Famous Hot Spring Resorts

On my day 3 of my Japan’s Trip, we traveled from Nagasaki back to Hakata and then to Beppu!!

I bought almost everything that I see mentaiko!! lol!!!


We had Sasebo Burger at our hotel before we set off for Beppu!




Passed by Hakata Station and saw my favourite Rilakkuma! BOUGHT truckloads when I was back to stay in Hakata. 😛



Beppu (別府) is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country.

Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths. In addition, the Hells of Beppu are several spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing.

Welcomed to pamper my hands just outside Beppu Station! ^


Saw this statue of Mr Kumahachi Aburaya just outside the station. He is the “father of Beppu tourism” ! Thank you for beautiful Beppu! 😀 P1250324

What I really like about Kyushu is that there really isn’t much people walking around. I LOVE!! 😛 I feel so relaxed without the need to walk fast and squeeze with people!P1250327

You really hardly see people walking around! I should have taken more OOTDS. LOL!  P1250330

In Beppu, you will just see many many Onsens and don’t even look like one. HAHA! I wish I stay here so I can visit all the onsens!!!


Simple small Cinema Theater that doesn’t look like those fancy ones in Singapore!P1250331

Saw a Tengu Shrine in the market street.

Tengu were often described as protectors of freedom and sovereignity in Japan. In 1688 there was a huge fire in Beppu, and this has led to the construction of many shrines to protect the villagers from further grief.


Tsunami evacuation area.


Japan = World No.1 Vending Machines Country!


A peek of olden days Japan: Old poster, signboard..


Not to forget, my favourite beer Kirin!!! Endorsed by ARASHI, Arashi for dream~~ 😛 *spams some Arashi*

P1250347  P1250349 P1250350

Hello my sis!


Saw beautiful flowers at a car park entrance!


I am so amazed by Japan that I even took photo of their manhole.  How cute and colourful is this manhole! Japan!!!!!


After exploring a little, it is time for the main highlight of our trip to Beppu. ONSEN!!!!!!!!!


There are many famous Onsens but the one we chose is Takegawra Onsen!


Built in 1879, Takegawara Spa is Beppu’s oldest and most famous bath house, offering sand and regular baths in an atmosphere of the old days! The entrance fee is just 100yen! P1250356

We managed to small talk with some kind Obaasan. (^_^) The onsen is super hot.. Omgosh… Haha!!! By the way, it is situated just next a red light district~

P1250357 P1250358 P1250359 P1250360 P1250361 P1250362

After onsen, we were shocked that the shopping mall closes at 7pm!! OMG. haha!


Must eat dish at Beppu! Chicken Karage!!! I WONDER HOW JAPANESE stay so slim eating all these…..


Our hotel for the night is Beppu Daiichi Hotel which is a few minutes walk from the station! Love how cozy, clean, and cute the yukatas are 😛



I love how Japanese hotels provide Shiseido bath sets~~~ These of course can’t be brought home. LOL!2015-06-23-20-46-06_photo
As per my previous post about Kushu Trip, you can view more photos of my Beppu in my facebook if you are interested!

Beppu Day 1 and 2 in Facebook

Kept this entry short to day 1, but I will share about day 2 soon! ^^


After looking at my Japan’s trip photo, I can’t wait for my next Japan Trip in November!!!!!!!


Recently, I received  a customized Passport with my name and add-on charm from The Vintage Stash !!!<3 <3 <3 I love the vintage leather look and can’t wait to bring it overseas!!!!!

Enter “Kiyora” to enjoy 10% OFF from now till 31 Dec 2015! 😀

Nagasaki: Lesson for World Peace – 22.6.2015

Hello! Sorry that I took such a long time to update about day 2 of my Kyushu Trip! I miss Kyushu so much! Basically I miss Japan so much! I know how most people will be like I love Tokyo the most! 😛 I used to love Tokyo the most when I first fell in love with Japan, but I also fell in love with Kansai Region (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto) when I visited Japan! I also fell in love with Kyushu due to its beautiful nature and less crowded places. ^^ Definitely going back again soon!!!!!! Japan is just somewhere that one will visit again and again!! Too beautiful to describe~~ ^^ So glad that my sister brought me around Kyushu for my fifth Trip to Japan!! Can’t wait for the sixth trip in November! 😀 DSCN1232

For the second day, we traveled to Nagasaki from Huis Ten Bosch Station, Limited Express Huis Ten Bosch, which took about 75min.

We reached Nagasaki Main Station, and walked around to hunt for our lunch!


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Rainy Seasion (Tsuyu) in Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch – 21.6.2015


haha, so everything is related to SG50 since it is Singapore’s Jubilee 50 year old celebration! We came a long way and I love Singapore more and more as I grow older! Thank you for a safe, beautiful and clean garden city!!!! Come to Singapore and have a feast with our local yummy food such as Chilli Crab and Satay!!! ??? 2015-06-21-00-08-50_photo Screen shot 2015-07-28 at PM 04.26.02 Reached Fukuoka safely in the morning! Thank you Singapore Airlines! It takes only 5hr 55min from Singapore to Fukuoda!! I think Fukuoka will be the next place I will visit for short trip! Continue reading

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 2 & Day 4 – DIY Serum and Countdown to 2014

HAHAHAHAHHA, I know I should have updated the last part of the NEOGENCE media trip faster but I was having so much backlogs and don’t want to update like EVERY day. 😛 I promise you that  this will be the last post about the Taipei media trip!!! BUT!!! I will definitely be updating a lot of about NEOGENCE again! I LOVE NEOGENCE!!!!!! I saw that IN-AND-OUT Burger is opening at Taiwan!! DDDDDDDD: Another reason to go to Taiwan!! lol~

我答應你們這次是【NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】去台北的完結篇~啊哈哈哈!我現在還是大力推薦NEOGENCE給我朋友們~~~ 雖然是完結篇,可是之後我還是會介紹NEOGENCE家其他產品!呵呵~

Meanwhile~~~ the first 3 days about the trip is as below! Everyday is so damn fun and tiring!! I enjoyed myself so much!! Now, my wish is to go relax at any beautiful empty beach~~~ just doing nothing!!!!!! 😛

前三天的分享如下~~~~~~~~每天都很好玩也很累~~ 現在我最想的就是可以去一個漂亮又沒甚麼人的海邊/海景放鬆~~~~~~~~~~~甚麼都不想~~甚麼都不做~~

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 1 – Skin Check + Lunch at Climontine

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review

NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 1 – Exciting Trip to NEOGENCE Factory and Laboratory!

NEOGENCE MEDIA TRIP to my second home Taipei – DAY 1

Part 2 of Day 3 was something I was looking forward to!!! WE CAN DIY OUR VERY OWN SERUM!!!!!!! “xkiyora x NEOGENCE SERUM”!! HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 3 Part 1 – Skin Check + Lunch at Climontine


Hello pretties, I am back with Day 3 Part 1 of the NEOGENCE x SaSa Singapore Taipei Media Trip day 3! ^^ It was a long day as we visited NEOGENCE office for skincare talk, DIY our own Hyaluronic Acid, lunch, visited Taipei 101, dinner and also countdown party at Barcode!!!!

NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】第三天第一篇來了~ 再次謝謝SaSa Singapore的安排!第三天做了很多事!我們一早就到了NEOGENCE的辦公室做皮膚體檢和屬於自己的DIY精華液,吃午餐,去台北101,鼎泰豐晚餐,和barcode跨年趴!


Other than SaSa, NEOGENCE is also available here:


In case if you want to read more of the NEOGENCE media trip:
NEOGENCE MEDIA TRIP to my second home Taipei – DAY 1
NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 1 – Exciting Trip to NEOGENCE Factory and Laboratory!
NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review


大合照!Group photo!

kekeke! Let me start off with a group photo of us! Not all of us though.. 😛


With new friend,Eefee from Malaysia!! She is really cute and pretty!! Got a shock when I got to know her age!!! She shared me with some tips on how to maintain her youthful look!!!



So we make our way to NEOGENCE office for skincare and DIY our own Hyaluronic Acid!




Professor Hong shared with us the reason of using machine for skin check, as photos taken from online have many factors such as lighting, angle, size of photo that can affect the result of using products.




The skin check machine that I used is VISIA that can check many skin problems and let you know which products to use to improve your skin.





I don’t really mind if people see my skin without makeup… i bet most of the people i know saw me without makeup before. As well as you can see my naked face photos in my blog(no edit)~~~ plus my makeup is not that heavy so there isn’t much difference I will say. I wish that I am so confident that I do not need to put on makeup when I go out. I think this is basic courtesy in my case. lol. Too bad I am not the kind of natural beauty who looks freaking good without makeup~~

啊哈哈~~~ 其實素顏對我來說沒差。。。。。。。 不是因為自信而是,幹嘛介意別人怎麼看我!雖然我還是覺得化妝很重要!這是對自己跟別人的尊重!我也希望我自信好到我甚麼都不用化就可以出門~可是我並不是天生麗質型!嗚嗚~~



The skin check is based on the same age, same gender, and the same skin type of other individuals. The higher the percentage the better.


Spots 斑點 68%
D: I thought I do not really have spots since my skin colour is tanned! *horriji—-bleeeee*
我本來以為我皮膚顏色很健康~根本沒甚麼斑點~ *哭*

Wrinkles 皺紋 80%
*phew* THANK YOU~~~~~~~~~ my goal is to still look like now when I am 40! :X

*滿意* 我希望是40歲還是長這樣啦!

Texture 紋理 92%
Hey hey hey!!! *HAPPY* I thought my skin texture is crap and rough …..

Pores 毛孔 8%
#FML *CRIES* …. I haven’t been using any pore care products, so serve me right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using NEOGENCE pore reducer super diligently now!!
真的是。。。。因為沒有好好照顧毛細孔所以, 我認了我 *努力用NEOGENCE PORE REDUCER* 我很久沒有用了啦所以才這樣~ *嘆氣*

UV Spots 紫外線色斑98%
MUHAHAHA!! I got a shock myself!! Living in all year summer Singapore with this result is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all those foundation, liquid foundation, bb cream that I used all these years!!! You all saved me!!! 😀

哇哇哇!我自己先傻眼~~~~怎麼可能!住在陽光普照的熱帶國家新加坡~我的紫外線斑既然那麼高分!差點都滿分了!那些年~~~用過的粉底,粉底液,BB霜~~ 謝謝你們喔!哇哈哈!所以化妝還是很重要的吼!

Brown Spots 棕色斑 89%

Happpppppppppyyyyyyy~ 滿意~所以不多說!*感恩*

Red areas 紅色區 80%
Better than what I expected!!!!!!! ^^

Porphyrins (natural oil and bacteria buildup) 紫質13%
Aiyo…………… another terrible reading. I kind of expected this too since i have combination skin and my t-zone gets oily easily.

The skin check is still better than I expected!! 😛 I will take more care about my pore problems!



Ooh, hello!!! I am finally back to normal self after using NEOGENCE skincare products, UV protection (purple) and BB cream plus my makeup! I went to buy the BB cream in the end!! and then it’s lunch time~~

哈囉~~我回來了!!!!! 哈哈~~~用完NEOGENCE的護膚品加BB霜和自己的化妝品。我跑去買NEOGENCE BB霜啦!吃午餐時間到~~~


Climontine 麵包生活館

TEL: 02-2706-7061



I love the decoration of this cafe so much!!!!! 我好喜歡這家的擺設~~~好漂亮!




Credits to Neogence! Can I have this camera~~


Super adorable and extremely well behaved twins!! 兩個怎麼看都超可愛而且又很乖的小妞!


Am I sexy????! 阿姨,我性感嗎????:P


Oei…… Enough or not har~~~ 你拍夠了嗎?


Team A~~~~~~~很熱鬧!最年輕的一組了!



Next up… we got to create our very own NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid Serum!!! I used almost half of it…… noooooooo!! Will share about it again!!

吃完午餐之後就是回去DIY自己的NEOGENCE HA Serum!這個也是我最期待的!我都用掉半瓶了~ 下次再繼續!^^


Second Generation of EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM pH5.5!!! I saw the huge poster outside Xi Men Ding Watsons when I was in Taipei in August. I went in to ask for it and it was out of stock!!! Thank you NEOGENCE for this!! <3

Contains a unique pore purifying formula which will clean and remove acne. Together with complex acid to dissolve acne and witch hazel extract as a form of astringent, this serum will double up to control oil and control sebum excretion.

Main ingredients used in this serum will be Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. This special combination of fruit acid will penetrate deep into pores to ‘soften and dissolve’ imperfections like dead skin cells, acne, pimples and clogged pores. At the same time, it will help to reduce sebum production, improve skin’s texture and close up pores.

I am using it daily now on my nose and chin, after toner and before NEOGENCE pore reducing serum. ^^

Available in SaSa Singapore!!

Review – Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask

Hi hi there!!! It’s about time for me to share something that I got recently from Taipei!! Have you heard of FaceQ 絕世愛美肌 before?! It is a skincare brand (mainly masks i think) from Taiwan! Isn’t the girl on the mask super cute?!!! XD


I want to share with you Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask!! It is available in 3 types! The first one that caught my eye was Peppermint!! Peppermint products for the leg is super refreshing so I definitely choose this! Then I saw, Rose~ I love love love products with Rose scent!!! BUY!! Then the last type, Milk!!! :DDDDD I must get it of course!! I want to turn my dry feet into baby’s soft feet! lol!!

Let’s take a look at how the foot mask looks like!


Isn’t this like a string ray?????!!!!!!!! lol



Hehehe, you have to separate the mask into left and right for each of your foot!


Ah~ You can see my tired, dry, and ugly feet. >_<~~~ :'(



The mask is actually inside the plastic sheet so that the essence can be kept inside and wrapped your feet nicely without any leakage!


Remove the sticker to secure the mask on each of your feet!


LOL! I tried lifting it up but….. apparently the sticker cannot withstand gravity. 😛

After about 15 minutes……………….. my dry, tired and ugly looking leg transformed!!!!!!!!!!


Can you see how the peeling skin actually become so moisturized and smooth!! 😀 I will need more of these!!! I didn’t see them in the retail stores yet. 🙁 ANYONE, please bring it in if not I gonna pester whoever visits Taiwan to get it for me!!!!!!!!

Or let me know if there is online shop that I can get it okay?! 😀