Event + Review – Nuxe White for Smooth Transparent Rosy Looking Skin!

I got invited to Nuxe Blogger’s party at Food For Thought!!! ^^ I super super super love Nuxe products!! I’ve written about Nuxe many many times! I am still using the Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute and Huile Prodigieuse 20th Anniversary Edition till today. LOL!!!! You can read the previous entries to find out more about Nuxe! 😀 What I like about Nuxe is that the products uses botanical ingredients which is gentle to the skin and the light floral scent is just heavenly!!


Nuxe introduces the new range Nuxe White: a ritual inspired by a bouquet and delivering exceptional results!

Exploring the heart of Prodigious flowers, such as White Crocus (exclusive patent), Stargazer Lily, Porcelain Rose (exclusive patent) and Cherry Blossom to identify high- performance molecules which work in synergy with Vitamin C on the three key factors of skin transparency: whiteness, luminosity and hydration.

Nuxe White has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarity of the complexion and the rosy appearance of the skin. Continue reading