EXPRESSIONS Slim Juice 3 Days Detox

I was approached a few times by different companies to see if I am interested to do face aesthetics like fillers or even plastic surgery (FREE TRIP TO KOREA!!!) but these are never my concerns. I am not saying that I look perfect nor am I against plastic surgery! I don’t want to put myself into surgery ordeals nor wish to change my features! I definitely want to look prettier, wishing I have small nose… but my nose is exactly the same as my father.  Therefore there is no need for me to do plastic surgery! ^^ However, I definitely need help with WEIGHT MANAGEMENT! (I did got an offer to do liposuction but… I don’t dare!! =X)

Sooooooo… I was really excited when I received an offer from EXPRESSIONS to join in their Blogger Ambassadorship program! 我有救了!!! LOL LOL!!!!!


I went over to EXPRESSIONS at Regency House for a weight checkup! Although I know I am already fat, but the results further frightened me! #OMG All those late dinners, starbucks,  milk teas, tidbits, stress…. really gave my body and weight a wake up call!

I MUST SLIM DOWN AND BE HEALTHY IN 2016 and years after!!! I will definitely become even better in March~~~~ Continue reading


SORRY! I have to caps the title because I HATE MY FATS and I am glad I can get rid of them without exercising and dieting. HAHA! Pun intended. lol. BYE BYE FATS…. I want to break up with you.

Back to a few weeks back, I was screaming and jumping from excitement when I saw the invitation email from Lush Aesthetics! Thank you Gavin for this opportunity! 😀


Lush Aesthetics is an award winning Aesthetic Centre who are winners of Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014 and Promising SME 500 2014! Lush Aesthetics is located conveniently in the heart of Orchard.

Lush Aesthetics offers many beauty treatments such as teeth whitening, Fat Freezing, Lasers treatments and etc.

I promptly replied to Gavin’s email that I want to do Fat Freezing!!! LOL. Basically my body has countless problematic areas, arms, thighs, tummy, love handles…. :'( (I have a lot a lot a lot of Fat. If only they are money) The most problematic part is ARMS. I am sure if I diet and exercise more, the rest of the body parts will definitely be skinnier but arms….. so so so difficult!

Please bear with me as I shared about what is FAT FREEZE with you.

With over thousands of fat freezing treatments performed to date, Lush Aesthetic is one of the market leaders for fat freezing!


Fat Freezing is the latest and most effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It uses vacuum suction with cooling plates at controlled temperatures to freeze fat cells to death which will be flushed out by our body’s immune system. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.It can be performed on tummy, love handles, arms, thighs, back, calves, buttocks etc.

Fat Freezing uses this science to destroy fatty tissue while putting the body’s metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can reduce the thickness of the fat layer without having any adverse effects on other types of cells. The body then naturally digests and our immune system will then remove the dead fat cells, and within a few weeks the patient is enjoying her new body contour.


Step #1: Cooling membrane sheet to protect your skin


Step 2: FAT FREEZE with the suction to freeze the fats!!!!! I don’t really feel the coldness and haha… i was actually sweating halfway through the treatment!


A reminder is to keep moving your hand during the 30 minutes treatment. The arms is the most sensitive part so it is essential to keep moving to ensure blood flow. Each hand will go through a 30 minutes treatment. Other body fats needs 1 hour!

Even though Eve, the operations manager warned me that my last two fingers may feel totally numb during the 30 minutes, and some people have to stop at 20 minutes. LOL, my last finger felt totally numb around 15 minutes but can still move and I was quite in shock that I pressed the bell twice during the 1st treatment screaming for help. MUHAHAHAHA!! Both Eve and the beauty therapist came in twice to ensure me that it is perfectly normal and I can continue the treatment. 😛  Thank you ladies for your assurance and small chat to make me feel comfortable!!

For the other hand, they came in to check on me around 15 minutes


Due to private and confidential, I am not able to show you the machine. But it sure looks very high technology, with the timing and Degree Celsius all shown to you.

Basically there is nothing much for me to do during the treatment. I just changed into the clothes, hold my phone with the other hand not doing treatment and still texting my friends tell them, “I am breaking up with my fatssssss”. I also played Candy Crush. lol


So after 1 hour Fat Freeze treatment for my fatty arms, this is what I saw for the treatment part. lol. Very red!!!


I do not feel that it is painful and it is totally normal that you’ll see redness, but some people may have blue black and it differs for individual. I brought a cardigan along with me so that people will not judge my red rectangle arms. lol. The redness is still there after 2 days but faded on day 3.


The redness is totally gone after just 5 days! My t-shirt around my arm feels looser already~ Will share with you when the treatment works it’s magic on week 8! Thank you Lush Aesthetics!! 😀

Fat Freezing improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on desired areas. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.

Don’t forget to like Lush Aesthetics Facebook for more information and promotions!

Fat Freezing is now starting at $98 for 1 session, $188 for 2 sessions! To enjoy this promotional offer, simply visit 
and complete the form to register!

Lush Aesthetics

  •  Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909
  •  Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431
  •  Email:

Business Hours

  •  Monday – Friday 1130am – 830pm
  •  Saturday & Public Holidays 10am – 7pm
  •  Sunday – Closed



Trimton 2 速效瘦 Lose Weight in a Natural Way

Credits: flyuptotheclouds.tumblr

Can you believe that we are almost half way into March?!  I thought I just stuffed myself with Chinese New Year goodies and food like KingKing (my cat who eats like a dog! Lol!)! I always have this problem of overeating during Chinese New Year and this year is not any different. >_<” I gained back the few kilograms I tried so hard to lose last year in just 3 days!!!! 老天爺阿~~~ The body knows…..  I will make a promise to myself that I should not overeat during Chinese New Year in 2015!!

I am elated when I know that I was selected to try out Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill after I joined Trimton Facebook Giveaway. HAHAHAHA, they must have known that I NEED to lose weight badly! Thank you!! I will go back to my 3 days gym routine since my work is slightly lesser as the event I was working on is over!! Back to treating my body well by exercising and healthier good next week. ^^

Before I go into the review, I must state that I am given only one bottle of the pill and I will definitely not relay on this to lose weight infinitely!! I know everyone will be concerned and skeptical since diet pills more give you quick results but will it do any harm for the body? Me too~~ Losing weight has no fast way and you should also eat healthier and exercise which will do well for your health. 🙂


Trimton 2 is focused on [Cutting Oil intake and Weight Loss] in natural way.


Reduces oil the natural way:

  • Breakthrough E.Microen (肠溶性微粒) Technology stimulate the effect brought by the natural ingredients;
  • Oil-blocking effect in intestine
  • Effectively blocks out and dissolves oil from food intake up to 80%.

Targets Fatty Area:

  • Increases body heat at fatty area and burns fat
  • HCA and Chlorogenic Acid help body to prevent fat storing
  • Effectively reduces body fat percentage.

Trimton 2 has no side effect & safe to use as all ingredients are extracted from plants! 无副作用, 安全可靠!


The main ingredients HCA & Chlorogenic Acid can help to reduce the fat up to 52%; Green tea polyphenols and organic acids can help to block oil intake up to 30% and help to slim up your whole body and lose weight.

The best is, Trimton 2 like 400 oriented missilies, automatically “smashing” heavy fat area and burning the fattest part of body. It targets to slim only fat but not breast fat! HEY HEY HEY HEY!! This is so SUPER VERY IMPORTANT!! 😛




Sealed up to make sure that Trimton 2 is safe for you!


Treatment: Using Trimton 2 for 3 month as a treatment, it is suggested to take 2 capsules a day, one for breakfast or lunch and other one for dinner and dosage with warm water.

Are you ready to see my fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts????????????? (*´ο`*)……….







…….brace yourself……







(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)…………… you really wanna see???!!!












(,,#゚Д゚)…….. you…..







*kicks something nearby* I was thinking which body part I wanna lose the most??? Answer is… arms, waist, thighs.. sobs… all so fat…. But it is okay, this is nothing to be hidden since… you all can see what. LOL. That is not the main point!!!!!!!!!

The main point is……… you can see how my 8 months pregnant look alike tummy became 7 months in 5 days… 5 months in 14 days!!! I need to work harder to let it be like 3 months pregnant look alike. *_*

Actually my colleagues did ask if I lost weight just this week….  (///ω///) the truth is… i really did. I have been sleeping late due to work as I reached home late and had dinner late because I was sooooooo hungry. I popped one Trimton 2 pill after breakfast and lunch since I eat more in these two meals. I am actually impressed since I gained weight super easilyyyyyyyyyyyy if I eat dinner late.

Oh yeah, I really never suck in my tummy!! I only wore the same shorts for photo taking so don’t think it wasn’t washed. lol. I also apologize if my fats scared you… I don’t mean it. 🙁


Thank you Trimton Singapore for making me slimmer (though I am still fat!!) so easily~~~ Happy!!!!

Trimton 2 Available at all Guardian pharmacies at $89.90.