RuleR Singapore – Japanese Hair Salon in Raffles Place

Visited Japanese Hair Salon RuleR Singapore to bid goodbye to my yellowish (colouring), dry (treatment) and unruly (cut) hair! ✌ All hairstylist are Japanese and no problem for language barrier as they can speak good English!

I alighted at Raffles Place Mrt and went by “Exit G” towards Circular Road. Ruler Singapore is located at the Shop Houses  in Boat Quay. I took about 7 minutes walk to reach.

It is super easy to notice RuleR Singapore since you can see the beautiful, sophisticated and Japanese style interior from the full glass doors!

I love how the interior looks like. The natural elements and earth colours make me feel calm, serene and welcoming. Each seat has a wooden blind so you can have privacy too! 😀 Continue reading

Mediplus-Gel – One Step Skincare

How many skincare steps or products do you have? 5? 4? 3?

I used to overload my skin with many bottles of facial lotions, emulsions, serums and creams thinking that the more products I slap on my face the better it will be! The result? My skin became sensitive and clogged due to using too many products and WRONG products! I had to go for monthly facial treatment to treat my sensitivity and clogged skin. 🙁

After treating my sensitivity, I have been looking for a product that is light, moisturizing, and does not overload my skin that will cause outbreak!


What if I tell you I found a miracle product that changed my skincare routine that consist of just 1 step using just 1 product?! ^^ Can you calculate how much time I save every day? What is the secret product that I have been using?


I am using Mediplus-gel which is an all-in-one skincare solution that replaces my toning lotion, emulsion, serum and cream!

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maNara Hot Cleansing Gel

This time round, I want to introduce to you this really amazing product, maNara Hot Cleansing Gel! It is the #1 selling cleansing gel in Japan! 😀 Thank you Akiko and Cheryl for meeting up with me to share more about maNara and Beauty Pati!!!


maNara Hot Cleansing Gel protects the skin’s balance while removing make-up and impurities, leaving the skin moisturised in a single step! Continue reading

One day in Nara: Mt Yoshino and Nara Park

During my trip to Japan, Joanne and I had a homestay over at Nishi-san’s house! So glad to see Nishi-san, Yaemi-san and also Falcon after many years!!!^^

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at PM 10.31.06

Hello my sweet old friend!

We took a train early in the morning over from Osaka to Nara to meet Nishi-san! Nishi-san then sent us back to his house to unload our luggage then drove to Mt Yoshino!

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My 15 seconds Skincare Routine – Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX

Can you believe I use only 15 seconds in my daily skincare?!! ^^ I really took only 15 seconds and only 1 product that acts as a multifunctional moisturizing gel that acts as toner, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, cream, massage cream, mask, and makeup base! <3 <3 <3 <3

My secret skin care is Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX!!


The NEW-IMPROVED Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX is an Aqua-Collagen-Gel exclusively for the care of sagging skin that tightens skin affected by dryness and lack of firmness with age, leaving skin firm and dramatically lifted! This year I will be turning…. omg, I don’t even want to tell anyone anymore. LOL! Please continue thinking I am in my 20s! =X

Check out some information from Dr Ci: Labo website!

“Sagging” makes a person appear older.  Its causes are varied and include the loss of moisture and elasticity due to aging, reduced metabolism, poor circulation, lack of nutrition and oxygen to the skin, and the effects of gravity. Dr. Ci:Labo, which has conducted years of research based on dermatological science, focused on these multiple causes.  We have developed and continued our pursuit of a single anti-aging care product that fulfills the desire for skin with “firmness”, “tightening”, and “hydration”.

The newly added 3D Fascia Band was inspired by Ulthera, a skin-tightening therapy used at the clinic, and is an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient developed with a focus on the work of the “fascia”, the foundation of the skin and the source of sagging.  The pseudo fascia 3D Fascia Band, which has a three dimensional structure combining “3D collagen”, “3D hyaluronic acid”, “TC triple collagen”, utilized for the first time in Japan, “hydrolyzed elastin”, and “rye seed extract” creates an invisible veil on the surface of the skin, reviving the depleted functions of the fascia, while the use of carefully selected ingredients that firm the skin from the inside leave skin dramatically lifted.

In addition, this product utilizes “Multi-Faceted Omni-Directional Care” with our original ingredient “Gold Collagen EX”, developed and advanced using the latest nanotechnology, “Marine Pro Collagen®”, with high water retention capabilities, “AG3”, which addresses “glycation” that has a negative impact on the elasticity of the skin in three stages, and 2 types of lymph care ingredients.  Beauty ingredients that leave skin youthful have been carefully selected and used, maintaining smooth, firm skin by enhancing firmness and the density of elasticity inside the skin.


Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX contains carefully selected rich ingredients while being free of four major irritants fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, paraben.  It is safe to use as part of your daily anti-aging routine and to combat dryness!


Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX delivers ingredients along with plenty of water to the skin, without incorporating ingredients that stress the skin.

The non-sticky texture penetrates quickly into the skin!  My skin also feels firmer, more moisturized and brighter instantly after application! I also love the light a floral scent and soft finish on the skin that relaxes both my skin and mind! ^^  Also, it takes me 15 seconds to complete my skincare routine which really saves me so much time especially in the morning!! 😛 This is why I super love Japanese skincare!!!!!


This is also my perfect skincare to bring along for overseas trip or staycation! I love how one bottle can do it all for me!!!!!

Dr Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel-Enrich-Lift EX is Exclusively at Watsons! The price is kind of expensive at $75 for 50g and $150 for 120g but since it is 8-in-1 skincare so I think it is really worth the price!!!

Don’t forget to LIKE Dr Ci: Labo Singapore Facebook and follow them on Instagram!





ERUCA – Japanese Oil Infused Formulated Haircare Brand

Check out this NEW Haircare Brand, Eruca!!! Japanese products just have the BEST PACKAGING EVER!!!!!!  Thank you SampleStore and Eruca Singapore for sending the three full ranges over!!! <3 <3 <3 The packaging already win me over!!!!! Japan, I just love you! 😀 😀 😀


Eruca is Japanese hair care brand of botanical oil infused shampoos and conditioners.

Eruca focuses on seed oils which provides ‘silicon-like’ effects but without the harmful effects of silicon. It is increasingly being referred to as ‘Natural Silicon’.

Seed oils from broccoli, cowberry, bilberry, milk thistle and etc is the hallmark of this moisturizing and shine-inducing formula, while the blend also contains other rich botanically-sourced oils such as argan, virgin prune and marula oil, which helps rejuvenate tired tresses.

Eruca comes in 3 different ranges for different hair needs!!

Scalp & Volume collection repair the scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff.

Extra Volume Up collection wraps the whole hair in a thin veil to create volume from the roots without the use of harmful hair products!

Moist & Repair collection restore water and oil balance in your hair and scalp for frizz-free hair.

How To Use:
Just use the right amount of shampoo for your hair length, lather, rinse and apply conditioner.

*Tip: if you have short hair, use only small amount of shampoo (about the size of a 10 cents coin). 50 cents coin size for average length and two 20cents coins size if your hair is past your shoulders.

Suitable For:
All hair type especially dry scalps from excessive sebum being removed by regular shampoo.


Eruca Scalp & Volume Range uses botanical oil extracted from specially selected seed oils help to restore balance to your scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff.

In addition to use in organic cosmetics, Shea butter enjoyed a period of popularity as an eco-detergent and as a face washing agent for dry and sensitive skin in Europe and America.

The Shea butter moisturizes and helps protect your scalp and hair because of the pro-vitamin B5 it contains after having washed your hair in the dense lather it produces.

Recently, I have been having itchy scalp due to the hot weather!!! -_-” This series come as a good timing! I also love the formulas of sweet exquisite flower fragrances! This range smells the sweetest among the three ranges!


Eruca 3D Volume Up contains a unique volumizing ingredient wraps the whole hair in a thin veil to create volume from the roots without the use of harmful hair products!

After your 40s, hair tends to become thinner and decrease in amount, causing a loss of body, control and volume. The solution to these issues is the all-in-one type “Eruca All-In-One Extra Volume Up Shampoo”. Styling ingredients, which are included in the shampoo, wrap the hair from the roots and create a luscious head of hair with strong individual strands when dried. Even floppy hair can achieve a voluminous finish.

Since I already have thick and fluffy hair, this range is not the most suitable for me. Hehe.  However, I did try out the range and it surely gives my hair more puff and volume!


My favourite range is the Eruca Moist & Repair! This range tames my unruly hair into beautiful lock of hair with the hair defining formula that aims to restore water and oil balances in my hair and scalp for frizz-free hair!!!!!!!!!

The shampoo before and after lathering! The scent is just so floral and revitalising! <3

The conditioner!


This is my wet hair after using the Eruca Moist & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner! My hair is totally smooth and tangle-free!!!!!! I comb through my hair easily and truthfully, I felt that my hair feels even smoother and shinier than when I do treatment at the hair salon!!!!!!!! Now all of us can have beautiful smooth shiny hair at a fraction of salon price and at the comfort of our house! *HAPPY!!!!!!*




Grab EURCA $18.90-$22.90 from Guardian and Tokyu Hands or!! The price is just so super worth it for the huge bottle! 😀

Or you can get your FREE sample from!

Don’t forget to like  ERUCA Facebook now to participate in weekly  contests to WIN prizes!

Universal Studios Japan – Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on my 6th day to Japan in June, I was in Osaka!!!!! For my favourite Harry Potter!! LOL, I think I spent a bomb for the merchandises!!! Probably more than Disneyland!!!!!! 😛

Let me just share with you about my hotel in Osaka first! We stayed at Hotel Plaza Hotel which is super huge and comfortable and nothing for me to complain at all. 😀 LOVE IT! However, I think it is usually fully booked since they mainly accommodation for tours! My sister booked the hotel and Shinkansen (from Hakata) via a Japanese Tour Agency.


On the first night, we just hung out around our hotel area Juso, and found this super awesome Sushi place called =Gontarosushi (権太呂すし)! It costs only 1231yen for all these!!!!


Then on my second in Osaka, I FINALLY WENT TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!! I even teared when I finished the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey! SO FREAKING AMAZING to fight a war along with Harry and all!!! You just have to queue!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Make sure you go to take the Harry Potter Timed Ticket nearby Harry Potter Theme park so that you can make sure you can get inside!!!! OMG!!!!!

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at PM 09.21.49


Picturesque Yufuin


After two days in Beppu, we went to Picturesque Yufuin!!! <3 <3 <3 However, I only had half a day there!! We reached Yufuin in the evening, had a super awesome dinner at ペンション長閑郷.



Yufuin (由布院 as onsen resort, 湯布院 as city) is a popular hot spring resort, located about ten kilometers inland from Beppu, another, much larger and more developed hot spring resort. Yufuin has a wealth of art museums, cafes and boutiques, and many travelers come to the city just to stroll about town for the day.

Yufuin is located on a flat river basin surrounded by mountains. The most prominent feature of Yufuin’s skyline is the twin peaked Mount Yufu, which hovers over the town and serves as the backdrop for many scenic views. The area is rural and shortly after leaving the main walking route, travelers will come across the rice paddies and farm houses that make up a considerable part of the town.

I highly recommend you to stay there!!!!!!!! My sister and I were the only 2 occupants for the night so IT WAS REALLY AWESOME BECAUSE WE GOT TO USE THE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR HOTSPRING!!!! XD If you have been to Japan, you really have to experience this unique culture. lol. Enjoy the photos~~

DSCN1425 DSCN1426 DSCN1427 DSCN1430

The room is super big and I think it can fit about 4 people! They have 12 rooms if I am not wrong!


Upon arrival, we had a super scrumptious meal prepared by the owners!!! CAN’T FINISH AT ALL!!!!!!! 😛

P1250490 P1250491 P1250492

As this is like a Ryokan, the toilets are shared and even the shower place too. LOL! However, you can request to use it at a specific timing of course!



SO HAPPY THAT WE ARE THE ONLY ONES FOR THE HOTSPRING!! XD Dipped inside the night before and early in the morning before breakfast!

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at PM 02.15.41

What good life will it be if I can dip in this outdoor hotspring everyday!!!!!! <3 <3 <3Screen shot 2015-10-11 at PM 02.15.54

Good morning Yufuin!!!!! <3


Since we reached Yufuin late, we only had 1/4 of a day to roam around! *cries* I have to return to Yufuin again!!!! <3

But I still went to two of the must-visit places, Lake Kinrinko and newly opened Yufuin Floral Village!

We took a cab to Lake Kinrinko and alighted at my Japanese husband’s Onsen, Domoto Onsen! LOL!



The small lake is located at the end of the town’s main walking route, and surrounded by some shops! Got some cute things too!

DSCN1442 DSCN1450 DSCN1453

Next place we visited is Yufuin Floral Village!!!!!! <3DSCN1454

Opened by a local businessman in November 2012, the buildings were designed to look like those in the Cotswolds, an area of England renowned for its beauty. The Cotswolds is so magical that several fantasy scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed there. ~ Taken from


Set against a Picturesque mountain backdrop, the house have low roofs and you can almost touch them easily! DSCN1461DSCN1462DSCN1463

So cute!!!! Alice in wonderland cafe!!!! XD


Saw owls two times during this trip!! Saw one owl closed up in Universal Studios Japan in Harry Potter’s Themepark!! XD


Then there is a shop that sells all cats stuff and also 3 residential cats!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Awww~~ I already miss my Kitties after like 2 days overseas!!!!!

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at PM 03.40.09 Screen shot 2015-10-11 at PM 03.40.29

Love this glass exterior building so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DSCN1469 DSCN1470 DSCN1471

Sad that I didn’t have time to visit each of the small themed shops!!!!!!DSCN1472

And after about 2 hours walking around in Yufuin, we have to leave for Osaka!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Yufuin!!!!!!!! I will be back to visit you soon!!! :)))))DSCN1473  DSCN1476 DSCN1477

As usual, photos are uploaded over at my facebook 🙂

Kagurame Lake + Shidaka Lake + Hell of Beppu

We went to Beppu for 1 night and went to Yufuin on the second night! Let me continue sharing about day 2 of Beppu! Do read about Day 1 if you haven’t!

First thing first, you must get the Beppu 1 Day Mini Free Passport from the train station! ^^ They have an English Speaking Customer Service to help! 😀 I visited Kagurame Lake for Iris viewing, Lake Shidaka and Hells of Beppu!12030547_10154303192872814_4566219030035000208_o

Depending on the days, the timing of the buses defer and stopped at some places only! It should stop at Kagurame Lake during weekend. You can visit Kagurame Lake on the right, and Shidaka Lake on th right. Since I love flowers viewing, we decided to visit Kagurame Lake first.  We kind of chose the wrong way…. lol. We walked on the side of the misty road for about 15 minutes with cars just beside us. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from Kagurame Lake to Shidaka Lake, we can go through a short cut via the hill. However, the mountain was so steep I had to stop 2 times to catch my breath. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Serve me right for wearing Heeled Sneakers. =X Continue reading

Beppu – Japan’s Most Famous Hot Spring Resorts

On my day 3 of my Japan’s Trip, we traveled from Nagasaki back to Hakata and then to Beppu!!

I bought almost everything that I see mentaiko!! lol!!!


We had Sasebo Burger at our hotel before we set off for Beppu!




Passed by Hakata Station and saw my favourite Rilakkuma! BOUGHT truckloads when I was back to stay in Hakata. 😛



Beppu (別府) is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country.

Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths. In addition, the Hells of Beppu are several spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing.

Welcomed to pamper my hands just outside Beppu Station! ^


Saw this statue of Mr Kumahachi Aburaya just outside the station. He is the “father of Beppu tourism” ! Thank you for beautiful Beppu! 😀 P1250324

What I really like about Kyushu is that there really isn’t much people walking around. I LOVE!! 😛 I feel so relaxed without the need to walk fast and squeeze with people!P1250327

You really hardly see people walking around! I should have taken more OOTDS. LOL!  P1250330

In Beppu, you will just see many many Onsens and don’t even look like one. HAHA! I wish I stay here so I can visit all the onsens!!!


Simple small Cinema Theater that doesn’t look like those fancy ones in Singapore!P1250331

Saw a Tengu Shrine in the market street.

Tengu were often described as protectors of freedom and sovereignity in Japan. In 1688 there was a huge fire in Beppu, and this has led to the construction of many shrines to protect the villagers from further grief.


Tsunami evacuation area.


Japan = World No.1 Vending Machines Country!


A peek of olden days Japan: Old poster, signboard..


Not to forget, my favourite beer Kirin!!! Endorsed by ARASHI, Arashi for dream~~ 😛 *spams some Arashi*

P1250347  P1250349 P1250350

Hello my sis!


Saw beautiful flowers at a car park entrance!


I am so amazed by Japan that I even took photo of their manhole.  How cute and colourful is this manhole! Japan!!!!!


After exploring a little, it is time for the main highlight of our trip to Beppu. ONSEN!!!!!!!!!


There are many famous Onsens but the one we chose is Takegawra Onsen!


Built in 1879, Takegawara Spa is Beppu’s oldest and most famous bath house, offering sand and regular baths in an atmosphere of the old days! The entrance fee is just 100yen! P1250356

We managed to small talk with some kind Obaasan. (^_^) The onsen is super hot.. Omgosh… Haha!!! By the way, it is situated just next a red light district~

P1250357 P1250358 P1250359 P1250360 P1250361 P1250362

After onsen, we were shocked that the shopping mall closes at 7pm!! OMG. haha!


Must eat dish at Beppu! Chicken Karage!!! I WONDER HOW JAPANESE stay so slim eating all these…..


Our hotel for the night is Beppu Daiichi Hotel which is a few minutes walk from the station! Love how cozy, clean, and cute the yukatas are 😛



I love how Japanese hotels provide Shiseido bath sets~~~ These of course can’t be brought home. LOL!2015-06-23-20-46-06_photo
As per my previous post about Kushu Trip, you can view more photos of my Beppu in my facebook if you are interested!

Beppu Day 1 and 2 in Facebook

Kept this entry short to day 1, but I will share about day 2 soon! ^^


After looking at my Japan’s trip photo, I can’t wait for my next Japan Trip in November!!!!!!!


Recently, I received  a customized Passport with my name and add-on charm from The Vintage Stash !!!<3 <3 <3 I love the vintage leather look and can’t wait to bring it overseas!!!!!

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