Althea – Christmas and New Year Edition


Thanks to Tammy from  I received my first box of Korean Cosmetics from Allthea for Christmas and New Year! I know that Christmas had passed for almost 2 months but better late than never. 😛 I’ve actually also shared some of the products and swatches on my instagram.

Althea offers k-beauty selections at the lowest price to consumers and strives to become the gateway to the world, most favored by K-beauty suppliers!

Check out the many awesome Korean products below:



Etude House Double Lasting Foundation. I squeezed out too much as you can see how thick it became when I spread it out. 😛


The coverage is definitely awesome as you can see how even my hand look after using it. Thank you!


I haven’t tried this since I do not have the occasion to use this yet! 😛


Witch’s Pouch ❤ Love Me Blusher ❤

Love how radiant and natural it looks on my healthy colour skin! The brush applicator is so soft and easily applied on my cheeks!

In this picture,  I am using the Etude House Long Lasting Foundation! See what I mean about even and pretty looking skin! <3


On my eyes, you can also see my current favourite Eyeshadow from Aritaum and also Makeup Helper eyeliner!

Love the middle one the most which I used as a base as it is so sparkly!


Makeup Helper All Day with Waterproof Eyeliner in #006 Mocha Frapper

The glittery eyeliner in brown is so cute! Definitely glam up my eyes while giving it a softer & more gentle look!



7 Hara My 1st Tint in Maple Red!


This intensed striking red lip tint is nothing like a normal tint! The colour is super long-lasting and kept the colour on my lips even after meals! Just awesome colour for Chinese NewYear! I just find this a little too thick when I first applied which I am not so used to.


Last but not least, what caught my eyes immediately when I opened the Althea Christmas box are these 3D Shape Shading and Highlighter palettes from W. Lab. Such cute and interesting packaging yeah!




I still need some time to learn and practice shading and highlighting so I will share more photos with you girls next time! 😛

For more K-beauty products, visit to get them now! <3


Faith in Face Mask – No.1 Hydrogel Mask Brand in Korea


Faith in Face Mask – No.1 Hydrogel Mask  Brand in Korea”, was first launched in 2012 by a multi-national team of young cosmetic experts from Korea, Britain and Canada after 3 years of research and development. With the faith that everyone is born with an attractive and beautiful face, the Faith team strongly believes in original beauty and goes by their motto of “Have Faith in Face, Origin of Beauty”. The Faith team believes that the role of cosmetics is to reveal and highlight each individual’s true and unique beauty, rather than changing something to your face.

Faith in Face believes in using only organic and naturally derived extracts, such as vegetable collagen, essential oils, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid etc. Free of parabens and mineral oils, Faith in Face products are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin while reducing the chances of allergic reactions. Faith in Face does not perform animal testing on their products.

Received 3 of the masks from Samplestore and received the full set in Watsons Day Out! XD For this entry, I will share about the 3 variants

  • AFTER SHOWER LOOK (Received from Samplestore)
  • BLACK AND WHITE FILM STAR (Received from Samplestore)
  • NOURISH ME (Received from Samplestore)

Embrace moistful skin with AFTER SHOWER LOOK!

Love the feeling of your fresh, moist and glowing skin right after a shower? AFTER SHOWER LOOK is here to give you that!

A soothing and moisturizing mask, it contains the natural moisturizing ingredient, Sodium PCA that helps supply moisture to your skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which has intense hydration and moisture retention capabilities. Lastly, Camelia Oil is present to lock the moisture into your skin and helps to soothe your skin.

Embrace moistful skin with AFTER SHOWER LOOK!

Unlike regular microfiber and cotton sheet masks, Faith in Face’s hydrogel masks contain a high percentage of water soluble ingredients to deliver maximal hydration and superior skin rejuvenation. With a gentle formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, the hydrogel masks are also able to cool the skin, thanks to beta-glucans which rejuvenate stressed out skin. No wonder they are the No.1 Hydrogel Mask  Brand in Korea!


The mask comes in 2 pieces, top and bottom for your face. It gives a better fit for any face shape.P1280815 P1280817

Before shower look and after shower look. LOL!!!!

My skin feels super moisturized, and super smooth after using the mask! Not only does my face feel hydrated after using the mask, the hydration lasted even a few days after!


LEFT: Before using, RIGHT: After using

Shine brightly like a BLACK AND WHITE FILM STAR!


Want to achieve Audrey Hepburn’s beautifully flawless and luminous skin? You can also be your own film star with BLACK AND WHITE FILM STAR hydrogel mask!

BLACK AND WHITE FLIM STAR is a brightening mask that contains Arbutin and Niacinamide, a water soluble vitamin that has anti-ageing effects that improves and lightens your skin tone. It also contains Citrus Unshiu Pericarp extract that has excellent anti-oxidant effects and Green Tea extract which contains Vitamin C, Tocopherols and Polypenols that brighten your skin!

You can see how my uneven skin tone improved overall and that my skin definitely looks brighter!! Shine like a BLACK AND WHITE FILM STAR indeed!!!!


LEFT: Before using, RIGHT: After using

NOURISH ME, Your Ultimate Dose of Beauty!


NOURISH ME’s special formulation of Ceramide 3 with Broccoli Extract and Olive Oil provides the ultimate nourishment for your skin.

Ceramide 3 plays an important role in generating a protective layer for your skin and is one of the most important lipid composition of stratum corneum. Broccoli Extract contains Vitamins C, E & beta carotene which promotes maintenance of healthy skin and prevents UV damage while Olive Oil moisturizes and strengthens your skin.

OMG, you can see that I have some unevenness on my cheek before the using the mask, and it becomes smoother after using the mask!! My skin does look more supple and plumped up after using the mask too!!!!! XD


LEFT: Before using, RIGHT: After using

Which is your preferred mask among these 3 I tried?? I can’t decide!!! XD I am also looking forward to try HOLD ME TIGHT + MISS INVISIBLE PORE!!!!!!!!!! <3
EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE AT WATSONS at $14.50 for box of 3 sheets!
‘LIKE’ FaithinFaceSG Facebook page to find out more!

THEFACESHOP: Your No. 1 Korean Beauty Brand at Lower Prices

I am working hard but needs to work harder!!! Now, diet comes first after all the binge eating. 😛

Is THEFACESHOP your favorite korean brand? Then you will super happy with the news that I am going to share with you for those living in Singapore!!!!!!! <3 😀 <3


Since their launch in 2004,THEFACESHOP has remained the number one Korean Beauty Brand in Singapore! <3 Because of our support, they lowered their prices to show us their appreciation!! (^^)v How sweet!!!


Two products I received are the Raspberry Roots Sleeping which is now only $15.90 (was $25.90), and the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam at $14.90 (was $19.90)!



Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam: Natural brightening solution with rice water

  • Moisturizing + Brightening + Detoxifying cleansing foam made with Rice Water and Moringa oil
  • The creamy and cushiony texture eases handling and moisturizing ingredients leave skin feeling hydrated after cleansing by minimizing moisture loss

Direction of use: Dispense an adequate amount into the palm and lather fully. Massage into the face and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

KIYORA’S REVIEW: I like how it makes my face texture feels so clean and smooth after washing! I feel like I don’t even need to apply any other skincare (but of course I did!). I am sure that after using it for a couple of times, my skin will definitely look fairer over time. A definitely re-buy for me when I am looking for a cleanser!! 😀


Came home last week to find another package from THE FACE SHOP SINGAPORE! <3 <3 <3 This time round, I received the Cushion Screen Cell (lighter & fresher than before!! ) + pink & purple macaroons + a super cute macaroon cushion!! 😀

This NEW Cushion Screen Cell Natural is more lightweight and refreshing as compared to the previous Cushion foundation and will give a very natural makeup look! I can’t wait to try it and share with you girls and guys~~ I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ cushion makeup!! It will be available from second week of March at $42.90!!

Visit or for more information, details and promotions!! 😀

Current Obession – ❤ 3CE Cosmetics ❤

Hello! I hope you have a lovely day and February ahead!!! <3 This time round,  I want to share with you my current makeup obsession – none other than 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) cosmetics from Korea!!!!! So many people around me had been raving to me about 3CE and I was really skeptical!!! How can it be sooooooooo good that everyone is crazy about it!


THEN… .I WAS TOTALLY SOLD when I tried the first 3CE lipstick Bella and it changed my life entirely. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!! So I am slowly in the journey to buy more 3CE cosmetics!!

❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour Bella #501❤

Here it is, the true love of my life for lipstick. This Vampire Burgundy Colour transform dull makeup into a unique and chic make up.


I’ve shared about BELLA in December and this is definitely one colour that I use very frequently since it is so unique and gives me a mature and sexy look. *MUAHAHAH* This is the sexiest I can be~~~~ lol!! I highly highly recommend this since it is definitely one in a million kind of colour!!! <3


❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour CREAMY LIP COLOR #12 Me Me❤

Extreme moisture lip colour that melts as soon as it touches the lips . With the essence ingredients, transparent and rich colours are rendered at the same time creating a very smooth lip color.

A candy pink you want to use even by just looking at it. A shiny pink that goes well on one of those lovely days, to help create that precious and lovely image.


This colour is just so cute and sweet!! I just love the range of 3CE lip colours available!! Every single is so pretty and I really have a difficult time choosing!! Here you go, a sweet and lovely pink! It indeed makes me happy looking at this beautiful colour! 😀

3ce lipstick meme2

❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour Air Balloon #801 ❤

Creamy Textured Pinkish Coral that brings to mind the image of balloons floating on clear, blue sky! This pinkish base mixed in with coral that blends into Asian skin tones makes it even more wearable.


This coral colour is so bright and cheery! It totally brings out the bubbly, energectic and positive side of me! This colour totally pops and I love this colour so so much too! I am totally in love with 3CE~~~ ^^


❤ 3CE Highlighter #Pink ❤

A natural gloss, this pink beam highlighter gives you a vibrant and moist skin.



The texture is creamy and adhere to my cheek easily! 😀 It may not be obvious on the picture (even though I already used flash) but my friends commented that it makes have glossy/glowing looking cheeks! HAHA, I said maybe I should apply to my whole face so that I can look super glowing!!!!! 😛 I will also highly recommend this!!!!!

3ce highlighter 2

Do you know where you can get 3CE in Singapore?? I am pleased to share with you that 3CE is available exclusively in SaSa!!!! You no longer have to buy from online stores like Stylenanda, Luxola or 65emall anymore! 😛 You can now try all the beautiful 3ce products and lip colours and not just buy based on internet pictures or Bloggers’ swatches. *GOES GAGA at SASA*

Being like super internet-shopping savy, I always try to compare items in various sites so that I can have the best deals! This is also the reason why I know 3CE cosmetics is available at so many websites. ^^ However, they are all priced differently and shipping rates also vary.

Since my motto in life to “Enjoy shopping while saving money“, of course I want to get the best deals! I was then introduced to Cuponation that provides the best coupons and offers for many brands! I am not sure if you heard about before, but I spent many hours browsing through this site that sells everything from fashion, cosmetics, to electronics at a very crazily cheap price. I saw some clothes that are going as low as S$3.80!! CRAZY MUCH?!!

My cousin just ordered something and I’ll see how is the quality!! You can also find e-coupons at Cuponation!! I am so happily shopping online for my Chinese New Year stuff!! Enjoy shopping while saving money~~ 😀

belif – believe in Christmas and win $50 belif Voucher!


I attended belif Christmas Party on 19th December and sorry that this post came up so late. 😛

There are 12 days of Christmas so…. I am still not so late. :X Sorry! This month has been crazy like mad with Christmas gatherings and weddings! 😀

BTW, 1 more day for you to receive a 3 piece beauty kit and a $10 voucher with every $60 spent at belif!


I went to the belif at Plaza Singapura which is at the new extension level 1. (Not that new anymore actually. haha!)

DSCN0711 DSCN0719 DSCN0720

Of course I meet my bloggers friends! :DDDD Xinyi and Chantana! Time flies and I’ve known them for more than 4 years already!!!!!


Thank you my dear friend Elaine for the invitation!!! 😀


Went home with a bagful of belif products and stuff! <3


belif should still be selling their gift sets!!! Check out the one I received that comes in a really cute building packaging! Even the belif ribbon is sooooooo cute!! Mint like Tiffany and co.!


The really handy hand cream that I can bring around easily~~ lol P1210125



Received also the super cute calendar that comes with a special promotion every month! Sorry but I am not sure how you can get it!! 🙁P1210127


I also received a $50 gift card from belif and I guess you girls will love it!! Simply follow the instructions as to win it!!!

1) Follow my instagram @xkiyora
2) Email your name, instagram name, address to me at 😀

Giveaway ends 7 Jan 2015. Good luck! ^^ Winner will be announced on 8 Jan 2015 and contacted via their emails.

]I had a super fun, exciting and tiring day for my best friend wedding the day before, doing my bridesmaid duty from 4am all the way to almost 2am!

Thanks to Elaine and Celine’s kind arrangement, I visited My Cozy Room Spa (so princessy and minutes away from Paragon) for a rejuvenating and uplifting facial (shoulder massage, yay!) using @belif_singapore‘s Peat Miracle Revital series!

Love the facial and here is me looking refreshed walking along Orchard Road this afternoon! Will share more about both belif and  My Cozy Room Spa again!



I received the CYBER COLORS BLACK LABEL SERIES, and the series is currently available at SaSa Singapore! All are made in Japan~~~ Love love Japan!! 😀 Thank you Stefanie and Avery~~ <3

The BLACK LABEL SERIES is a rich and skin-loving textured foundation that provides high coverage with lustrous, dewy finish that stays fresh all day.

Formulated with a blend of precious herbal essences – Reishi, Ginseng, Angelica and Cordceps, to unveil the natural beauty of Asian women.

It also diminishes the appearance of pores, dark eye circles, and fines lines, creating a flawless, and radiance skin. It also said to deliver a continuous surge of essential hydration, regulates sebum for all-day comfort and coverage and helps skin appear firmer, more contoured and ageless!

Much more than a makeup, the Series also tackles uneven skin tone, dehydration, oily skin and other skin problems. Its delicate and lightweight texture creates the most luxurious and perfect complexion, a skin glowing with charm and youth.


These are the 4 items that I received from SaSa Singapore:



You can choose to use either the ESSENCE UV CREAM FOUNDATION SPF18 PA++ or the BLACK LABEL ESSENCE UV LIQUID FOUNDATION SPF18 PA++! Check out the different benefits below~


Its rich and nourishing, though never sticky, texture effectively smooths out fine lines, diminishes pores, pigmentation and all other imperfections. Delivers a continuous surge of essential hydration, regulates sebum for all-day comfort and coverage and helps skin appear firmer, more contoured and ageless.

Usage: After applying Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base, apply evenly on face and neck by sponge or foundation brush.


The texture of the cream is slightly thicker as compared to the Liquid foundation (obviously). I like this as it has better coverage and does a great job of controlling sebum. 🙂 However, I actually prefer the liquid foundation as it is lighter on the skin.


Formulated with Pore Gradation Powder, this moisturizing and lightweight liquid foundation blends into the skin with perfect evenness for the look and feel of bare skin. Herbal essence infuses skin with nutrients and moisture, leaving it smooth, soft and conditioned. Prevents melanin production and pigmentation.

Usage: After applying Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base, apply evenly on face and neck by sponge or foundation brush.


I really like this LIQUID FOUNDATION as it is super lightweight and blends into my skin easily and creates even over all tone for my skin! I don’t even feel nor look like I am wearing any foundation but my skin looks so good! I don’t even need to use concealer! (Actually I don’t know how to use concealer. lol) Also, my skin feels moisturized, soft and smooth! Actually I thought I can step out of the house with my skin like this in the photo below. 😀 😀 😀


Looks not bad right, I feel that I can step out of the house like this! Especially now that my eyebrow shape is changed by my facial therapist and the eyelash and eyebrow serum I bought from SaSa! 😛  For your information, it is the MARVALA double eyelash. I swear by it!!!!

Next up, I used the ESSENCE SILKY LOOSE POWDER to prolong my make-up and to create a matte look!


Silky smooth, extremely fine and comfortable. Its soft-focus and skin-perfecting formula diffuses light and gives skin a flawless finish. Complexion glows with natural radiance, appears fresh and luminous all day long.

Usage: After applying Black Label Essence UV Liquid Foundation or Cream Foundation, use a makeup puff or brush to apply the powder lightly onto face for long-lasting makeup.

DSCN0539 DSCN0540


Yay!! The loose powder is enough to last me through the day with matte and moisturized looking skin, but if you need to do a touch up anytime in the day, you can also get the BLACK LABEL ESSENCE UV POWDER FOUNDATION SPF 23 PA++!


A skin-loving textured compact combines Complex Powder and Moisturizing Powder that builds up a moisturizing film on your skin and controls excess sebum. Micro Powder reflects light and brings radiance to dull, uneven-toned and lifeless skin. Dark eye circles, wrinkles and pores are diminished.

Usage:For touch-up, gently dab a tissue or sponge onto face to remove excess sebum, then apply the foundation by sponge onto skin, pressing lightly. P1190170

Muahaha, to tell you the truth, I brought this out with me whenever I used any of the BLACK LABEL FOUNDATION series, but I didn’t ever use it once. The cream/liquid foundation is long-lasting enough for a good work day so… there isn’t much need to use it. :PPPPP So if you are thinking of trying the BLACK LABEL, maybe you should get the cream/liquid foundation + loose powder first and see if you will need the powder foundation for touch-up! Sorry ah SaSa.. I have to be truthful to my readers. HEHE!!!!

GO TO ANY SASA SINGAPORE NOW TO TRY THE BLACK LABEL!! LET’S all have soft and moisturized beautiful skin~~ <3

So, I am all ready to step out of the house with my full make-up!!!!! I think being a woman is really a very very fun thing! I can change my makeup and then I look different everyday! 😀


Do you like this makeup I did?? This time round, I got this idea from SHU UEMURA Korean instagram!!

I died when I saw the the KARL LAGERFELD + SHU UEMURA Collection that feature KARL LAGERFELD’s cat Choupette! SO FRICKING CUTE!!! CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PURRS* As I also got myself the Shupette has-it-all eye & lip palette!! I will create makeup inspired by my 4 kitties!


This is what SHU UEMURA Korea did the different cats inspired makeup ~~

So the first sneak peek I want to share is Kylila inspired makeup!! XD Basically, I took the pink from her nose and ears + yellow and black from her eyes to create this sweet Kylila look! I loveeeeeeeeee it!! Thank you Kylila for being an inspiration!! I’ll share the tutorial for this in a bit and also my other kitties’ inspired look! *muahs*


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Too Cool For River Safari + Shop for a Good Cause!


HAPPY!! A surprised gift came to my house last week from the lovely too cool for school! 😀 I’ve shared about the opening at Far East Plaza (Oct 2013) Glam Rock Look for Christmas previously! Thank you lovely Zhi Yun!!!! ^^

If you are following my instagram, you will know what I received!! It is the super hot and sexy Jean George Llong sun block!! *DROOLS* lol~~~ But I don’t really like those muscular men~~

Continue reading

DEWY KOREAN CELEB SKIN by 雪花秀 Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion


Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Thanks to Cindy from Word of Mouth Communication, I went to Sulwhasoo Tangs Orchard to test colour and pick up Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion to try! 😀 Anyway, the Chinese character of Sulwhasoo has my name~~~!!!! 所以請叫我 “雪花秀慧”!hahahaha~~~


Sulwhasoo was founded in 1997, and arrived in Singapore in 2012!

Long favored in Korea for its unparalleled use of traditional energy-balancing preparations and holistic approach to skincare, Sulwhasoo introduces a completely new category of beauty care.

Sulwhasoo is the Korean translation of the snowflower which is known to bloom even under the most severe circumstances. Available in Singapore for the first time, Sulwhasoo offers unprecedented access to the beauty secrets of the east, allowing women to tap into the benefits of the pioneering brand’s holistic methods.

The highly coveted collection is synonymous with skincare, boasting more than half the herbal medicine cosmetics market share in Korea and ranked #1 nationally. Continue reading

Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Peach [NEW]

Just 3 weeks back, I joined Etude House Global international contest to look for testers to try NEW product that is not yet launched!! They are super efficient and sent me the product within a few days!! 😀

The NEW product is Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion!!! I think it is not even released in Singapore yet! Hehehehe!!!


Magic Any Cushion is a Moisture-Rich Multi Color Cushion of SPF 34 / PA++! It is available in 3 variations:

– #1 Magic Pink for Pale Skin

– #2 Magic Mint for Covering Redness

– #3 Magic Peach for Brightening and whitening

Magic Any Cushion tones up your skin into brighter and moist full skin. It is a multi-functional tone up base cushion to hold moisture and is very convenient to use! You can use only this or use it as a makeup base!



Baby peach~~~~~~~ baby colors are something I can never resist!!!! I will go “awwwwww~~~”



*Faints from sweetness* Even the puff is pink~~~~~pink~~~ pink~~~~




Remember to lightly pat onto your skin! It feels so good to have a tripod (sponsored by my Sis! lol!) now and I can capture images without holding the camera! Even though my Lumix GF6 has a flipped screen! I need to do a review and share this super awesome camera with you!!

First touch of Magic Any Cushion onto the skin is that it is light and cooling. It also leaves my skin feeling cool after I finished applying my whole face. The texture feels like liquid and it blends in quickly and lightly into my skin. Coverage wise I will say it is not bad since I have minimum dark eye ring and thank goodness I didn’t have any *touch wood* mishap on my face. (Maybe it is due to Skinbiotics supplement?!)


In just less than a minute, I became 5 tones (or more) fairer!!! I took the two photos at the same place, same lighting, and same camera settings!!!

My face skin tone is darker than my body skin, uneven skin tone, and obvious dark eye rings.

On the after picture (right), did I see the skin which is DEWY and fair almost like a korean celebrity!!! LOL!! I can make myself feel happy right!! 😀 Super amazing effects!!! I always wish I have DEWY skin instead of oily/shiny/matte skin!! I always envied the Korean Celebrities, every week when I watched pretty Jihyo Unnie on Running Man and also the actresses in Korean Dramas!!! The actors too!!!!!!!!

[Sidetrack] Did you guys and girls watch “You Who Came From the Star”? lol, super hilarious drama and the other actors who are not the lead did so well too!! I love the Uncle Lawyer the most, also the handsome inspector (because he’s handsome), and the funny girl friend so much!! And the evil hyung is really….. *psycho all written over his face*!! So scary ~~ but I do wanna see him in other dramas now! I finished the series and is currently watching the scary and touching yet funny “Master’s Sun” and “I can hear your voice”. I will say these two are better and more interesting. 😛


OOPS, I apologize for not putting on any eye makeup here…. hahahahah!! Maybe I should take another photo with full makeup on… 😛

“Once you use Cushion, you can never go back to BB cream or other kind of foundation!” ~ Kiyora :P

Dewy and fair korean celeb skin~~ now my wish can come true ~~ Go and join Etude House Global now!!! Maybe it’ll be your chance next time to try out NEW products which are not yet release!!


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