Revlon Insta-Fix and Insta-Blush


Stick foundation, contour/ highlighting and blushers are getting really popular thanks to their compact size and quick fix ability! There isn’t a need for a puff or brush or beauty blender when applying stick makeup; all you need is your finger tips! It is so much more convenient especially if you are in a rush or traveling! (I like to pack as little things as possible!)

I was really tempted to get the Revlon Insta-Blush when I saw them in the store because the colours look really stunning especially Candy Kiss! Thank you Revlon Singapore for sending them over! Look at how blinding the 2 Instafix highlighters are! The Insta-blush came a lot more pigmented than I expected. #lol Btw, have you read my entry on Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour?



Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick S$26.90

These 2 highlighting sticks feature Revlon’s special light filtering technology that creates a natural radiant glow from pearls to boost your skin’s luminosity! It is lightweight and has a super smooth formula that glides onto skin without looking streaky at all. The stick format allows precise application be it on the nose bridge, above the cheekbones or abov the cupid bow! It is really easy to control and perfect for highlighting beginners!

instafix highlighter

revlon instafix highlighter review

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Pink Light

Available in Pink Light (white and silver pearls)—– best for light to medium skin tones, and Gold Light (golden pearls)—– best for medium to deep skin tones. I used Pink Light for the demo and picture above; Gold Light for the below photo together with Insta-Blush in Berry Kiss! Due to my healthy colour skin tone, I definitely suit Gold Light more! I like the peachy/ gold shade that gives a really radiant cheekbone! Can I say that I live for the Gold Light! <3 By the way, I was using Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Adobe for both looks unknowingly. 😛

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Gold Light and Insta-Blush Candy Kiss

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Gold Light and Insta-Blush Candy Kiss

Let’s move on to the Insta-Blush S$25.90 which are available in 4 colours suited for different skin tones:

  • Rose Gold Kiss – Fair skin
  • Candy Kiss – Light skin
  • Nude Kiss – Medium skin
  • Berry Kiss – Deep skin

Insta-Blush features a luxurious cream to powder formula with unqiue mica-coated pigments to diffuse light for a naturally kiss of colour on the cheeks.

Look how pigmented the Insta-Blush in Candy Kiss is with just one gentle swipe! My skin tone is considered Medium skin but Candy Kiss still came out bold! I tried Rose Gold Kiss on my face but… yeah, it doesn’t show up on my skin. *Cries* I really love the shimmer when I swatch it! But I still have 3 colours to create 3 different looks!

revlon instafix pink light and instablush candy kiss

Instafix Berry Kiss is most suited for Medium skin which is my skin tone! It does look like my cheeks are naturally flushed in comparison to Candy Kiss ! On my lips is Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Blossom.

revlon instafix highlighter berry kiss

Instafix Berry Kiss is best suited for deep skin tone so I look kinda more healthy and sporty which I adore too! It is perfect to use as a contour colour too! I am using Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Sunset.


Thank you Revlon Singapore once again!! I received even moreeeeee eyeshadows, eyebrow crayon and pencils from them.

Insta-Blush and Instafix Highlighter are available at selected Watsons and Guardian

Revlon Singapore:

Facebook Singapore:

Happy 5th Anniversary Bejeweled!


Bejeweled will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary from 29th August to 2nd October!

It is a special and meaningful occasion for Bejeweled. Aside from their anniversary sales, they have partnered with Family Service Centres and Build-A-Bear Singapore. All these years, the Family Service Centres have been providing both financial and non-financial support to children from the low income families.

You can also help do your part by donating a Build-A-Bear workshop session to a needy child where he/she will enjoy the following activities in the Build-A-Bear workshop:

– Choose a furry bear
– Stuff, Stitch and Fluff up the bear
– Name the bear
– Create a personalised birth certificate
– Dress up the bear in a tee and bring it home!

The workshop will be held in October at Build-A-Bear Plaza Singapura branch. Bejeweled hope to bring an unfurgettable experience to this group of children through this fun activity. For more details, please call or visit us to enquire.

You will also enjoy the following perks during our Anniversary celebration:

* New Treatment Launch! Vagheggi PHA Peel Treatment at $58 (UP $98)
* Gel Manicure with Express Gel Pedicure at $58 (UP $75)
* Get a chance in our Sure-Win Lucky Dip to win attractive prizes when you purchase any service at regular price
* Free goody bag when you purchase any of our anniversary nails or facial services. While stock lasts!

To book an appointment, call
Bejeweled@IP 6222 2526 (Nails service only) / Bejeweled@Breadtalk IHQ 6443 9789
SMS/Whatsapp 9622 911


I visited Bejeweled@Breadtalk IHQ for the aromatic Vagheggi Holistic Facial.




I started feeling relaxed as soon as I breathe in the relaxing lavender scent! Lavender is used to treat acne, allergies and oily skin.


Treatment Involves:

  • Facial Massage
  • Shoulder Massage
  • Serum
  • Essential Oil
  • 3 Masks

Benefits of treatment:         

  • To benefit from the different types of essential oils and their properties, which are naturally derived from rich plant extracts, super concentrated and thus rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Due to its lightweight and small molecular size, they penetrate quickly into the skin to deliver the benefits to the pores fast.
  • As time-tested, age old source for healthy skin, they can help battle acne, slow down fine lines and wrinkles. Reduce redness, nourish and rebalance the skin.
  • The aromatherapy effect – to achieve calmness, fight stress and anxiety, alleviate depression.

My skin is a little sensitive so usually after extraction, it will be filled with redness and bumps like mosquito bites. After the serum to calm down my redness and bumps, my skin returned to normal sooner compared to the previous facial time. Good news to hear that my skin is slowly recovering to the sensitive-free healthy skin! XD

My skin was definitely deeply hydration and plumped up moisture after the super relaxing facial and massages! The amazingly effect lasted at least a week and was very obvious especially I put on my makeup! My skin looked totally smooth and hydrated , allowing my makeup to look natural on my skin without any oiliness and flakiness! <3


Thank you the team from Bejeweled! Looking forward to your 6th Birthday, 10th Brithday and many more to come!

Don’t forget to connect with Bejeweled!
Instagram: bejeweled48

THE BODY SHOP – Summer of Love Party


I attended The Body Shop Summer of Love Party held at Moca Cafe, Dempsy Hill,  in April with Chantana!


LOL, I know how funny it looked that we were holding so many items!!! All those were earned by playing some games at each booth that features each new series! SO FUN! 😛 We received like straw hats, beach towel, fan, sunglasses and also a personalized bag to keep all the stuff! ^^

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Have you already ride on the trend of the KBeauty Trend of Cushion Foundation? Cushion Foundation provides long-lasting moisture without any tautness, the effects of anti-aging, the micro-collagen to maintain young looking skin, and lastly, the radiance to bring out a natural glow.

I have about 8 types of Cushion Foundation and I definitely prefer it over foundation and BB cream due to its glowing looking skin effect and convenient for on-the-go makeup! ^^

Following with the mega hit of Oil Control Water Cushion, THEFACESHOP introduces a new lineup for cushion makeup – the CC Cushion.


This advance and new CC Cushion has the great blend of the color control functions of CC Cream, the moisturizing abilities of Cushion foundation which provides long-lasting moisture without any tautness, the effects of anti-aging, the micro-collagen to maintain young looking skin, and lastly, the radiance to bring out a natural glow.


The product applies ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisture and flower essential formula that contains 7 different unique blends of flower oil essences – almond; borage; rose; german chamomile; calendula; rosemary and lavender, for brighter skin expression, improve skin texture and skin regeneration.

The new ‘THEFACESHOP’s CC CUSHION’ is composed with 2 series; ‘CC Intense Cover Cushion’ and ‘CC Ultra Moist Cushion’.


The two CC Cushions may have the same packaging on the front, but you can differentiate them at the back.


So as per usual, this is my bare face (Eyelash Extension done by Bejeweled) with dull looking skin, acne on my chin ~ T_T

tfs_CC Cushion.jpg

CC Intense Cover Cushion (Combination to oily skin types)

‘CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION’ is excellent for those who want perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. The CC Intense Cover Cushion is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and coverage effects. It provides strong coverage with great abilities to hide blemishes and great adheres to the skin without the feeling of heaviness.

KIYORA: This is my face with just applying the CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION and see how my uneven looking skin and the acne on my chin is covered and looking all  radiant without looking like I applied heavy makeup! ^^

TFS_CC Cushion 2

Then this is photo is after I applied eyebrow colour and lip colours! Super natural looking makeup thanks to CC Intense Cover Cushion!

tfs_CC Cushion 3

CC Ultra Moist Cushion (Normal to dry skin types)

CC ULTRA MOIST CUSHION is favorable for those who want radiance and intense moisturizing effect which prevents chapped skin even through the winter season. The CC Ultra Moist Cushion is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and radiance effects. It delivers moisture and radiance as if applying essential serum.

tfs_ CC Cushion 4

Hehehe, since I will be visiting Hokkaido in March which will be up to -8°C, the CC Ultra Moist Cushion will be perfect!!! I love how it gives my skin radiance and intense moisturizing effect for hours!!!

tfs_CC Cushion 5

The FACESHOP CC Ultra Moist Cushion (15g) – $29.90
The FACESHOP CC Intense Cover Cushion (15g) – $29.90

Available in the following shades – Pure Beige (V103); Apricot Beige (V201); Natural Beige (V203)

Grab yours from any THE FACESHOP shop now!!! Looking forward to THEFACESHOP’s stores new look this year! ^^


My 15 seconds Skincare Routine – Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX

Can you believe I use only 15 seconds in my daily skincare?!! ^^ I really took only 15 seconds and only 1 product that acts as a multifunctional moisturizing gel that acts as toner, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, cream, massage cream, mask, and makeup base! <3 <3 <3 <3

My secret skin care is Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX!!


The NEW-IMPROVED Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX is an Aqua-Collagen-Gel exclusively for the care of sagging skin that tightens skin affected by dryness and lack of firmness with age, leaving skin firm and dramatically lifted! This year I will be turning…. omg, I don’t even want to tell anyone anymore. LOL! Please continue thinking I am in my 20s! =X

Check out some information from Dr Ci: Labo website!

“Sagging” makes a person appear older.  Its causes are varied and include the loss of moisture and elasticity due to aging, reduced metabolism, poor circulation, lack of nutrition and oxygen to the skin, and the effects of gravity. Dr. Ci:Labo, which has conducted years of research based on dermatological science, focused on these multiple causes.  We have developed and continued our pursuit of a single anti-aging care product that fulfills the desire for skin with “firmness”, “tightening”, and “hydration”.

The newly added 3D Fascia Band was inspired by Ulthera, a skin-tightening therapy used at the clinic, and is an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient developed with a focus on the work of the “fascia”, the foundation of the skin and the source of sagging.  The pseudo fascia 3D Fascia Band, which has a three dimensional structure combining “3D collagen”, “3D hyaluronic acid”, “TC triple collagen”, utilized for the first time in Japan, “hydrolyzed elastin”, and “rye seed extract” creates an invisible veil on the surface of the skin, reviving the depleted functions of the fascia, while the use of carefully selected ingredients that firm the skin from the inside leave skin dramatically lifted.

In addition, this product utilizes “Multi-Faceted Omni-Directional Care” with our original ingredient “Gold Collagen EX”, developed and advanced using the latest nanotechnology, “Marine Pro Collagen®”, with high water retention capabilities, “AG3”, which addresses “glycation” that has a negative impact on the elasticity of the skin in three stages, and 2 types of lymph care ingredients.  Beauty ingredients that leave skin youthful have been carefully selected and used, maintaining smooth, firm skin by enhancing firmness and the density of elasticity inside the skin.


Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX contains carefully selected rich ingredients while being free of four major irritants fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, paraben.  It is safe to use as part of your daily anti-aging routine and to combat dryness!


Dr Ci: Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX delivers ingredients along with plenty of water to the skin, without incorporating ingredients that stress the skin.

The non-sticky texture penetrates quickly into the skin!  My skin also feels firmer, more moisturized and brighter instantly after application! I also love the light a floral scent and soft finish on the skin that relaxes both my skin and mind! ^^  Also, it takes me 15 seconds to complete my skincare routine which really saves me so much time especially in the morning!! 😛 This is why I super love Japanese skincare!!!!!


This is also my perfect skincare to bring along for overseas trip or staycation! I love how one bottle can do it all for me!!!!!

Dr Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel-Enrich-Lift EX is Exclusively at Watsons! The price is kind of expensive at $75 for 50g and $150 for 120g but since it is 8-in-1 skincare so I think it is really worth the price!!!

Don’t forget to LIKE Dr Ci: Labo Singapore Facebook and follow them on Instagram!





BEVY C. – Answer to a woman’s dream of perfect skin!

BEVY C. – Popular Taiwan Skincare Brand is now available in Singapore!!! 😀

I met up with Jinny,  the director of Brainman Holdings Pte Ltd, who introducedme to BEVY C! I am definitely honored to have a 1-to-1 meetup with Jinny who was really sincere in explaining and sharing more about this popular skincare from Taiwan! Thank you Jinny! <3 ^^

Let me share with you about what is so special about this award winning brand that is recommended repeatedly on Beauty Shows, Magazines, and Bloggers from Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia… etc!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.20.05 pm

BEVY C. is made up of the English word “Bevy” meaning a group of ladies, while C is derived from the French word “Chic” meaning trendy. BEVY C. symbolizes a brand of professional skincare products developed specially for the community of trendy women. An innovative, trendy skin care concept developed specially to give women confidence when applying or removing makeup.

Another super interesting fact that amazed me is that BEVY C. is the brainchild of Brightness Film, a company that, for more than 20 years, has been doing business in Greater China – with interests in film, television, advertisement and entertainment!!

While every woman longs to have the flawless skin of the movie stars they see on screen, the impact of the environment and stress have often caused biologically young skin to appear sallow, lack of lustre, pigmented, plus many other imperfections. 🙁

BEVY the answer to a woman’s dream of perfect skin! The most important step towards perfect skin is pre-makeup nourishment and protection of the skin!



I received 4 products from Bevy C. Pre-makeup Lumiwhite Collection: Continue reading

PUCKER UP & PARTY with Benefit

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope that 2015 has been brilliant for you! It is a fabulous year for me and I hope that 2016 will be even better for both you and me!!!!! <3

I received some early Christmas Presents thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Singapore!



Pucker Up & Party set (SGD$46)!

The most kissable couple around! Wear hydrating tinted balms on bare lips for a sheer, moisturizing kiss of color or pair with lip stain for lasting, smooch-proof color.

  • benebalm hydrating tinted lip balm
  • benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
  • posiebalm hydrating tinted lip balm
  • posietint poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at PM 10.23.55

Been using the BeneBalm I received and I like how the creamy formula hydrates and conditions my lips while providing a rose-tinted red as if it was my natural lip colour!!! Will share the other balms  and tints when I use them! 😛


Limited Edition  They’re real! mascara Swarovski limited edition!

Benefit famous jet-black lengthening mascara is sexier than ever! For the first time ever, Benefit has created a collectible, limited edition they’re real! mascara embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. Featuring a sophisticated matte-black tube and cap encrusted with Swarovski® crystals, it’s the season’s glitziest accessory!


SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING!!!! <3 I am definitely thrilled to have received it! <3 Thank you Alethia and Benefit Cosmetics for giving me long and bolder eyelashes!!!!!!!!!


You can now shop at and receive FREE same day shipping!

Have a great time Christmas Shopping without squeezing with people! XD

THEFACESHOP Makeup on the Go Event!

THEFACESHOP don’t just have the most creative press kits, their event is also super super creative too!!!

I had a really interesting morning learning to do “make-up on the go” with THEFACESHOP and Singapore’s Celebrity Make-Up Artist Larry Yeo while riding on a BUS!! Maybe next time I can sleep ten more minutes and do my makeup on the… Bus too? 😀


We first gathered at THEFACESHOP Bugis Junction and then boarded THEFACESHOP Chartered Bus to meet Larry!


Larry looking totally kiyomi~~~ 😛  While cruising from Bugis Junction via Orchard Road to Plaza Singapura, Larry showcased tips and tricks on how to do make-up on the go!

He shared some tips and tricks on how to look amazing while we are in a rush in the morning! Check out THEFACESHOP’s facebook as they reveal more tricks from Larry! Below are 2 tips that they shared! 😀


Perfect your Oil Control Water Cushion on the go!
1. Go through your skincare regime before leaving your house.
2. Apply Oil Control Water Cushion. Tip: Always start from the center of your face and slowly even out to the rest of your face.
3. For Oily skin type, finish with powder.

I have shared about Oil Control Water Cushion before!


Perfect your eyebrows on the go!
Larry says, “THEFACESHOP Design My Eye Brow (Lovely me:ex range) in 04 is the most suitable for asians as our brows are naturally black and this eyebrow pencil is in the perfect shade of taupe.”
Larry’s Tip: Always use a stable hand. Lend your default hand support by leaning on the windows if you manage to sit/stand near the windows or hold onto the pole if you’re standing on the bus. 🙂

I also received a set of THEFACESHOP cosmetics which Larry demonstrated for the tutorial! <3 Thank you!! 😀 😀 😀


Here are the THEFACESHOP products that I received:

  1. Oil Control Water Cushion – $29.90
    • Go and read my review with the link above!
  2. Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil #4 Brown- $9.90
    • A triangular shape automatic eyebrow pencil that you can adjust the angle to create any shape you want
    • Soft texture that completely adheres to the eyebrows and more powerful long lasting abilities!
  3. Soft Cream Blusher 02 Coral- $14.90

    • With bright colors and transparent base, expresses pure, clean cheeks like a watercolor and natural radiance.
  4. Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink – $15.90
    • Melts into lips on application for long-lasting color without stickiness
    • Reacts to body temperature for rosy lips as time goes by
    • Contains anti-wrinkle effects to prevent clumping effects
    • Provides sun protection effect of SPF13 for healthy lips!
  5. Over Girl Edge Stick Eyeshadow PK01 – $9.90
    • Dazzle up those eyes with a variety of colourful eye colours from THEFACESHOP’s Overgirl Edge Stick Eyes collection!

OMG, I was really shocked when I know the prices!!!!! WHY IS IT SO CHEAP?????~!!! There is a reason why THEFACESHOP is always Singapore’s #1 favourite Korean cosmetics!!!!!! I will definitely get the Cream Blusher and Eyebrow Pencil when I finished using! Actually, I also like the Eyeshadow because I never thought that I can wear only Eyeshadow without any eyeliner!!

Here are the swatches for the Eyebrow Pencil, Soft Cream blusher and Over Girl Edge Stick!


I really love the Soft Cream Blusher as the orange tint appears like a natural highlighter giving me a rosy and healthy-looking skin! Larry also said that Orange tint is very suitable for girls like me who face the computer a lot and sleep late…. lol, because we have dull looking skin!!!! From what I know,  orange blusher pops against medium to tan skin, and powder blush can appear dull on dry skin, so this cream blusher is PERFECT for me!!! XD I REALLY LOVE THE CREAM BLUSHER!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Favourite Blusher award goes to Soft Cream Blusher!! 😀


And then and then, I mentioned above that I didn’t use any eyeliner over the Over Girl Edge Stick and I am still able to pull the Korean look off right? lol! Not bad~~~~ I saved like 5min since I no need to perfect my usual cat wing eyeliner!!!!! 😛


Then then then, for the Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink right, I was actually afraid that the pink will not appear since I have naturally darker lips. HOWEVER, it really amazed me how it gives my lips a really nice juicy kissable pink while keeping it moisturised!! Current favourite lippy is also this. 😛


Last but not least, for my eyebrow…. I think I am slowly learning to draw it better! I know it is still not perfect, but I will practise and practise until I can make them right!!!!! *WINKS* Do share your tips with me too and I am more than willing to learn! <3 What I like about Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil is that with the triangular shape, I can adjust the angle to create any shape I want! ^^ However, my brow is a bit the thick when I tried using the products… LOL LOL!!!! Even more Korean look…… (Korean Oppa?? nook~~lol )


SO HAPPY THAT I LEARNED MANY  TIPS TO SAVE TIME FOR MY MAKEUP!!!!! I will erm… try to do my makeup on the bus if I ever will be late. MUHAHAHAH!!!! Visit any THEFACESHOP outlet to try out the products k!!! <3


Just let me share with you about THEFACESHOP Halloween Members’ Special! Enjoy 15% off storewide starting from today till 1 November 2015! 4 more days only!!!!


K-Palette 2way Eyebrow Pencil and Eyepencil

I received a truckload of products from Cozy Cot but I have yet to try most of them! 😛 😛 😛 I will share with you one of my favourite Japanese cosmetics brand K-PALETTE with you!! I shared about K-PALETTE products many times and this time I want to share with you the NEW REAL LASTING 2WAY EYEBROWN PENCIL 24HRS and REAL LASTING EYEPENCIL 24hr! <3


Sakura is a must-see for anyone who loves Japan! I have yet to go during the peak Ohanami (Sakura-watching) period but I did see another kind of Sakura! I can’t wait to go back to Japan! 😀
Let me share with you the K-Palette 2way Eyebrow Pencil first.

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