Mediplus-Gel – One Step Skincare

How many skincare steps or products do you have? 5? 4? 3?

I used to overload my skin with many bottles of facial lotions, emulsions, serums and creams thinking that the more products I slap on my face the better it will be! The result? My skin became sensitive and clogged due to using too many products and WRONG products! I had to go for monthly facial treatment to treat my sensitivity and clogged skin. 🙁

After treating my sensitivity, I have been looking for a product that is light, moisturizing, and does not overload my skin that will cause outbreak!


What if I tell you I found a miracle product that changed my skincare routine that consist of just 1 step using just 1 product?! ^^ Can you calculate how much time I save every day? What is the secret product that I have been using?


I am using Mediplus-gel which is an all-in-one skincare solution that replaces my toning lotion, emulsion, serum and cream!

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Share Happiness and Love with Friends – THEFACESHOP 2014 HOLIDAY EDITION

Cutie pie Kim Soo Hyun wishes you a Merry Christmas and a DAEBAK 2015!Holiday Love Edition

This Christmas, THEFACESHOP Singapore celebrates the festive season with its Holiday edition Christmas gift sets, bringing you the best in skincare and beauty.

Treat your loved ones and friends with exquisite Christmas gift sets by THEFACESHOP. Capture the heart of your gift recipients with the wide array of Christmas hampers. From skin care, to body care, hand care, make-up and cleansing care, THEFACESHOP has you well covered and pampered this Christmas from top to toe.


Not only can you pamper your loved ones, you can also get them expensive gifts while saving money! 🙂 My advice to you girls and boys is to stock up your favourite THEFACESHOP products now!!!!!

Christmas Catalogue_2 Christmas Catalogue_1

I also received my first Christmas present this year thanks to THEFACESHOP and Alethia! 😀

DSCN0505The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Christmas Set
Reverse the effects of time with THEFACESHOP’s Miracle of Youth – SMIM Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment. Formulated with 85% of fermented yeast extracts, this miraculous goodness revives the metabolic activities of skin cells to restore the healthy and youthful glow in you. Achieve that radiant glow this Christmas with the SMIM Fermentation Christmas Set.

  • The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment 150ml
  • The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Toner 50ml
  • THE SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Emulsion 50ml


I love how the design is like that of a box of Christmas Card!! How many of you still write Christmas cards and send them to your dearest friend? I used to it when I was schooling.. haha, now I hardly write letters nor cards to my friends anymore. But this year I wrote a couple to my closest friends because they have been my greatest friends and support other than my family! :))))))

Visit or for more information, details and promotions!! 😀