Skin Code SOS Instant Radiance and Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum

I had shared about skincode previously many months back! OOPS, it was half a year ago!! I wanted to share about skincode all the time but the eye roller took forever to finish. HEHE. This time round, I want to share 2 more products from skincode with you!


skincode Essentials: SOS Instant Radiance


The S.O.S Instant Radiance is a lustrous fluid that brings instant radiance to your skin. It hydrates, smoothes and wipes away signs of fatigue, while imparting long-lasting radiance. This beautifier enhances the luminosity of the Skin’s complexion.

Key Ingredients: CM-Glucan, Provitamin B5 (Panthenol),

Tensing Agent (VP/VA Copolymer), Apple extract (Pyrus Malus),

Photo-Reflective Agents (Mica & Titanium Dioxide).


You can see the white shimmer! haha, I already feel beautiful looking at this!

On the left, the photo is before applying SOS Instant Radiance and on the right you can see a light shimmer on my skin after applying! I love it when my skin looks glowing even without applying anything! I actually finished this long ago because it is so good! hehehe!



skincode Exclusive: Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Serum


This incredibly refreshing silky gel-serum visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and discourages the appearance of future lines. Puffiness and dark circles are noticeably decreased; your look regains brightness and smoothness. This refreshing serum gives the delicate skin around your eyes the feeling of endless hydration and comfort.

Key Ingredients: ACR Complex G2, Sodium Hyaluronate,

Caffeine, Moisture Matrix, Panthenol, Ash Bark extract, Organic Silicon, Vitamin B3,

Elder Flower extract, photo-reflector.


I think of the reasons being a beauty blogger is that I take photos of my skin all the time so I can know how good a product works!!!! I LOVE EYE SERUM that totally works!!


The photo on the left is before using the eye serum, and the photo on the right is after using the eye serum after 2 weeks. I know the upper eyelid has more lines but it is because I shut my eyes more tightly. lol. ;P

  1. Fine lines at side of eye – *SCREAMS* I actually didn’t know my eyes look so old before….. You can see a few lines at the end!!! But they kind of disappear on the right photo! YAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀
  2. Fine lines under my eyes – ……….. multiple obvious lines (i hope it’s not wrinkles yet!) before using Skincode, and right… they are so much shorter and less obvious!! 😀 The overall skin near my skin also became smoother!! *POPS CHAMPAGNE* YAY!!!!


Price range for skincode is from $49 to $220. skincode is currently available at more than 10 Guardian Pharmacy outlets:

  • Bukit Pangjang Plaza
  • Causeway Point
  • City Square Mall
  • Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya * Full Range Available
  • JEM
  • Jurong Point
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • NEX
  • NUS
  • Paragon* Full Range Available
  • Parkway Parade
  • Suntec City
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Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact – Travel Exclusive

I’ve been wanting to blog about this Travel Exclusive Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact! My friend got this from me when she went to Japan early this year. OOPS! Better late than never! haha.

Initially, I just want to get any Jill Stuart blusher since they are all so pretty! She got this floral packaging Blusher! The packaging is SO GORGEOUS AND SO CUTE!!


Then when I opened this floral packaging, I squealed because there are flowers on the blusher container!! SO SO SO CUTE AND SO SO SO ME!!!!! *MELTS*Jill Stuart is just the most beautiful cosmetics ever!! Never fail to make my heart skips faster!!!!! <3 😀 <3



The blusher is more of an orange shade and looks vibrant and cute on my skin even though I am tanned. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU JILL STUART!!!!! <3


Oops, I think I edited both the eyeliner and lip too bright. lol lol. But, selfie is a must with pretty Jill Stuart cosmetics!!! P1170651

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink. Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Blue eyeliner.

Hello Ladies, till next time! 😀

[ Event + Review ] – skincode the formula for healthy beautiful skin from Switzerland


Two weeks back, I attended skincode‘s first Bloggers Event at Novotel!!! 😀 Firstly, I must say that skincode is the sweetest company ever!!!!!!!


Taxi voucher!!!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve received this in an event. The venue is not even out of the way. This is SUPER SUPER SWEET. *MUAHS* Thank you Sephanie and everybody in skincode!!!!! You guys are the BEST!!! I feel so special~~~  😀 I spent only $5 when I traveled home in the cab when the bill was $15++ 😀 😀 😀

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NEOGENCE x SaSa Taipei Day 2 Part 2 – Press Conference and DNA Anti-Wrinkle Mask Review

I am finally back with NEOGENCE Media Trip Day 2 Part 2!! 😛  Thank you SaSa Singapore!! Did you read about Day 1 and Day 2 Part 1?? Both are equally interesting I will say~~~ 😛 I freaking miss Taipei now!!! I really wish I can stay there (or any part of Japan) for good!! Come on, LOA!!!!! 😉

哈囉~~我終於回來分享【NEOGENCE 醫美深度之旅】第三篇了!你看了第一天 and 第二天第一篇了嗎?兩篇都蠻精彩的~~~ 我又很想台北了~~~~~


The press conference took place at Cathay Finacial Center. The main objective of the press conference is that NEOGENCE is going international! DO YOU KNOW?! NEOGENCE will not only be available in Asia, but also England, CANADA, and even Czech Republic!!! SO FREAKING COOL!!! Maybe I missed out on the released date in the countries (or already released) but I will keep you guys and girls updated here when I find out!!!!!!


記者會位於國泰金融中心。NEOGENCE 這次是要跟大家宣布說~“我們要邁向國際了!” 除了亞洲,NEOGENCE即將在英國,加拿大,和捷克都買得到喔!這個消息真的太讓人開心了!好的產品一定會受到大家的喜愛!我可能沒有聽到發行日期,所以不知道是不是已經發行了!哈哈~~知道了再跟你說!



Anyway, I pronounced myself as a NEOGENCE GAL!!! LOL!!!!!!



Quite suitable to be the NEOGENCE GAL right? lol. Thank you Eefee for the nice photo!! 😀

不錯吧~~~謝謝Eefee拍得那麼好看~~~ 呵呵!


See, I also took photo with the boss!! 😀 Can I be a NEOGENCE GAL, Dr. Hsieh????? hahaha!!!

我也和謝醫師拍了合照~~~ 我可以做NEOGENCE的代言人嗎?哈哈~~~


Meanwhile, we were one of the earliest to reach the place. After the yummy lunch, I really can’t eat these cute little finger food!!!!!! A lot of work is put into the decoration of the food!! TOO CUTE!!! I like the white with pearl the most though~~ Pretty!~~



The press conference starts~~




Melvin Sia, an actor from my neighbor country, Malaysia is the endorser for this event!



You can find NEOGENCE in all those countries who are marked!!



Olive is a popular skincare and makeup teacher in Taiwan!! She is super nice and very friendly!! She also said that she is currently in love with Singapore movies and Singlish!!! kekeke!! She is super nice and sweet!! 😛 Thank you for giving me confidence!! lol!

奧麗薇老師是台灣著名的美妝試用大王!她有很多年在雜誌當總編的經驗~所以她也跟我分享了很多!她說她很喜歡新加坡的電影!*感動*哈哈~因為新加坡的語言真的很有趣!我承認外國人會聽不懂我們在說甚麼~~因為我們新加坡人自己說話都會以最可以表達的語言來溝通!所以劈裡啪啦的一句話中,都會有英語,華語,福建(台語),馬來語,新加坡only的詞~~ 哈哈!要轉很快的!奧麗薇老師去年剛來新加坡渡假,也說很喜歡這裡~ 謝謝你喔!然後她也給了我很多信心!呵呵~


Herine ~~


Sweet Eefee is very cute, friendly, cheerful and inspiring~~~~ ^^



Team A with Team Leader Aria!! I miss you all~~~ A組的大家很小隊長Aria


The wonderful NEOGENCE staff~ Did you notice how tall the guys are??! Super tall ><



And actually…. some of the girls are very tall too!!!!!!!!!

NEXT UP~~~ we went to SaSa in Dong Qu to meet another Celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀



OMG, who is the celebrity? 明星明星~~到底是誰丫?



Do you find the guy on the right familiar?? YES, he is Taiwan’s celebrity makeup artiste SAM!!! He looks super good in person and he dresses like a royal prince!! 🙂

我們來看的明星就是很有名的Sam老師!!!!真人也太帥了吧~~~ 是個貴公子吧!呵呵~ *羞*


Sam’s skin is so so good. >_<~~~ *I need to put in more effort* ‘



Sam introduced to us some of the hot selling and recommended products available in SaSa (Available in SaSa Singapore!)!! NEOGENCE #1 product Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Cyber Color Brushes, SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara and also Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin Pack was for dry cuticles! I wrote about the SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara before!! I love it~~~~ ^^

Sam老師介紹了一些SaSa的明新產品~~(新加坡SASA當然也有啦)介紹的產品有NEOGENCE#1的 Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Cyber Color Brushes, SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara and also Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin!我之前介紹過 SaSatinnie Party Queen 4D Mascara


HAHAHA, and the first thing Sam said to me wass “The color of your bag is very pretty!” 😀 Sam Laoshi (Teacher), you have very good taste!!!

Sam老師第一句話就是“你包包的顏色很漂亮”~~ 哈哈哈!老師你的品味真好!

PS: Just wanna say that my knitted top is from Spiral Girl, and accessories are from OSEWAYA. All from JRunway! 😛

Then Team A and Team B went off first to ICE MONSTER for ice in the cold winter weather!!! We turned into MONSTER ICE GURLS immediately upon stepping in. HAHA!

A組和B組先搭捷運去ICE MONSTER吃冰囉~~~~馬上又變身為MONSTER~~~~~~~


Both Eefee and me wanted to get the hot ginger dessert because of the yummy smell!!! But we changed our mind since the ice looks better!!! Being greedy girls, we shared the Bubble Tea, Mango and Peanut (Winter Limited!)! LOL, thank you Steven for accommodating us. ^^

Eefee和我決定要一起嘗不同的口味,所以就叫了熱珍珠奶茶綿花甜, 新鮮芒果綿花甜, 花生鮮奶綿花甜(冬季限定)~謝謝Steven哥遷就我們喔~



This is what I chose!! MILK TEA, I will always love you the most!珍珠奶茶永遠是我的摯愛!

No.297, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan


Even when I am in Taipei, Tabi still told me.. “you won’t be alone” LOL! 到了台北還是看到我親愛的催Top~ 🙂

After yummy dessert, we walked around in Dong Qu, and then to Xi Men Ding to get my stuff, and of course I must go to my favourite Shilin Night Market!!! 😀

沒錯~ 我當然要跑去西門町和我最愛的士林夜市啦!!!!!!

We went to eat the famous Cold Noodles(my second time!) in Shilin Night Market, I ordered mild spicy and it is………….. super spicy in Singapore’s standard. *CRIES* Nevertheless, it was really super yummy! The noodle is very springy, sauce is good, and the hot delicious miso soup is a perfect match!

經過好朋友涼麵就告訴Herine說這家店很著名喔!涼麵很好吃的~~ (之前吃過)然後我就叫了小辣。。。。。台北的小辣是新加坡的大辣吧。。。。吃到我差點落淚~~~哈哈!可是涼麵真的很好吃!QQ的面,美味的燙~~味噌燙也很有味道!我們是最後第二批的客人!之後他們就關門了!太幸運了~~

I can almost see fire in my eyes! 眼睛都著火了~~~~~~~~

I didn’t sleep much that few days and supposed to have skin care check on the third day!! D:I quickly put on NEOGENCE DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask to salvage my skin!!! *cheating* 😛

因為隔天有機會做皮膚檢查,我當然要看看我的皮膚狀況~~~我只能說:老天是公平的~~應該沒有完美的人~~~*自我安慰* 所以那天晚上趕快敷NEOGENCE DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask救救我的皮膚!




Neogence DNA Anti-wrinkle Bio-Cellulose mask selects a variety of anti-aging ingredients, with 3D bio-fiber mask and active ingredients that penetrates deeply into the skin to fight aging. The “skin repair factor α-LUPALINE ® + environmental resistant APS” repair the skin ; “Peptides MATRIXYLTM3000 + wrinkle removing hyaluronic acid capsule ball H.F.S. + compound Wrinkle Firming wins MULTI-PEPTIDES collaborate acting as collagen to increase skin elasticity, soothe the skin the appearance of fine lines, delay wrinkles, improve skin vitality, and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

霓淨思(Neogence)玻尿酸DNA彈力修護生物纖維面膜精選多種抗衰老成分,配合3D生物纖維面膜,有效成分直達肌底,對抗老化。「肌膚修護因子 α-LUPALINE®+環境抗污系統A.P.S.」日夜持續修護;「胜肽撫紋因子MATRIXYLTM3000+獨特除皺玻尿酸囊球H.F.S.+ 複合型抗皺緊膚胜MULTI-PEPTIDES」協同膠原蛋白作用,增加肌膚彈力,有效深入肌膚底層,舒緩肌膚細紋、延緩皺紋產生,提升肌膚活力,改善細 紋、皺紋與肌膚鬆弛等老化現象。


  • Skin repairing α-LUPALINE®
  • Environmental resistant A.P.S.
  • Wrinkle removing hyaluronic acid capsule ball H.F.S.
  • Peptides MATRIXYLTM3000
  • Anti-Wrinkle Firming Peptide MULTI-PEPTIDES
  • Hyaluronic Acid


  • 肌膚修護因子α-LUPALINE®
  • 環境抗污系A.P.S.
  • 獨特除皺玻尿酸囊球H.F.S.
  • 胜肽撫紋因子MATRIXYLTM3000
  • 複合型抗皺緊膚胜肽MULTI-PEPTIDES
  • 玻尿酸

5 in a pack but I used one in Taipei ;P 一盒有五片~可是我在台北用掉了一片


3 layers of mask to fully retain the essence of the mask!




Before and After

How come I look fairer????!!!! I can feel that my skin is tighter, bouncier, and looks happier!!! It looks radiant as compared to before which looks dull and sad. Then the big pores are also minimized!! My skin does feel and look better for 2-3 days which is really good! I will work harder to achieve better skin soon!!!!!

Meanwhile, you can get NEOGENCE EXCLUSIVELY in SaSa Singapore!! :)))

ReFa CARAT Workshop @ Ikeda Spa – I want smaller face!!!

There is really hope for me to look like now even until I am 40 years old!! 良かった! (yokatta – Good!)
I flip a lot alot of Japanese magazines (though I read only 1% of them I admit)and Japanese ladies are all about 小顔(small face)! Thanks to Cozycot, we can now all learn about the secret to having small faces!
One of the SECRETS is ReFa Carat!
  • Over 1 million units sold in Japan over one year!!!
  • #1 sales in professional market
  • #1 Christmas gift for the past 2 years (AHEM!! Can anyone buy this for me for my Birthday? lol)

I will share with you more about ReFa Carat below!!!

We were introduced to the amazing benefits of ReFa Carat by Jasmine(Product Trainer for ReFa), and she also did a hands-on to one side of my face to show the instant lifting of ReFa CARAT!!!!!!!!! My face INSTANTLY LIFTED UP !!

After that, we had a mini tour in Ikeda Spa, and enjoyed a 30 minute Express treatment by Ikeda Spa to further enhance ReFa Carat and ReFa Up Serum with the magical hands of the beautician! It was so comfortable that I fell asleep halfway…. LOL! Most probably will go back next time to enjoy the very Japanese SPA environment and services! I MISS JAPAN! 🙂

Don’t forget to LIKE Ikeda Spa facebook, and visit their website for more information about the services they offered!
After the pampering session, we were given the ReFa Carat for two weeks to experience the difference it can bring to us without the use of dieting/exercising/toning products!
Here we go, some information about ReFa Carat~~~
How it started…
Used in the medical field in 1980s to treat patients suffering from partial paralysis (e.g. stroke) of their face.
How it works …
Send soft gentle waves (Micro current) which stimulate the muscles back to their original state.

Benefits of Micro current
  • Define facial/ body contour
  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Refine appearance of enlarged pores
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Better absorption of skincare products
Other highlights:
  • ReFa Carat is operated with solar energy which is environmental-friendly, and there is no need for any replacement part!
  • It is water-proof  and you can clean it easily with running water, wipe it dry or you can simply use in when you are in the bath tub!
Do check out the video about ReFa Carat (in Japanese though) about how to use it correctly~ ^^ Fret not, there is also a manual on how to use along with the purchase of your ReFa Carat.
After the 9 days of diligently using ReFa Carat day and night, I NEED TO HAVE IT IN MY DAILY ROUTINE BADLY. Let me show you why!!!!
Left: 19 Feb 2013, Right: 27 Feb 2013Left: 19 Feb 2013, Right: 27 Feb 2013
Left Picture taken on: 18 Feb 2013, Right picture: 27 Feb 2013 (You can see the before and after also by judging how long my bang grew in 9 days~ fast! lol)
LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not do any special exercise or any diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, I want to apologize for the two black faces~~ LOL LOL!!!! This is to make sure the comparison is as accurate as possible!
The left picture was taken right after the treatment at Ikeda therefore I have no makeup on. The right picture was taken about 2hours ago when I reached home. I was due to share about ReFa Carat this Friday but why not share with you all earlier since the effect is evident in just 9 days right? ^^ Sharing is caring~~~
I REALLY NEED REFA CARAT!!!!!! ~~~~~~~ SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You thought ReFa Carat can only give you smaller face????? NO WAY!!!!!!!! If it can make my face smaller, it can make my body smaller too!!!!!!!!! *NODS*
OMG!!!!!!!!!! All these I also need to tone~~~ FAT DIE ME~~ Why I so greedy~~ Why I so lazy~~~
And and and… you thought toning your body is what ReFa Carat can do other than giving you smaller face?
Refa Carat also cares for your neck, shoulders, let you  have beautiful hands, and relieve your tired feet! *TOUCHED* So so so many benefits!!!!!!!!!!
I also receive the  ReFa Up Serum (worth $110) to further enhance the sugoi(great in Japanese) ReFa Carat. However, I did not use the ReFa Up Serum these 9 days as I think it will be fairer to show you the benefits of ReFa Carat just by its own! (Actually also for you readers who are considering to buy ReFa Carat, and also considering the price of ReFa Up Serum ^^)
I will continue rolling and rolling the ReFa Carat until I return it next Monday~~ *whines*
WHY ReFa Up Serum?
Use ReFa Carat and ReFa Cosmetics together to increase micro current conductivity by 4.5 times! HOLY MAMA~~~~ !!!!!!!!! I am going to start using ReFa Up Serum with ReFa Carat from either tomorrow onwards or when I get my own ReFa Carat!!!
Ok… now the hard truth about why I kept saying who want to get for me on my birthday and why I want to save money!
How much is the ReFa Carat?
S$540~~~~~~~ !!!!!!!! All great things are not cheap! *tears* Well… let me calculate again how much will the cheapest way of calculation cost!!!! KIYORA~~ You can do it!!!!
I am now 26 years old, and let’s say I use this product to when I am 66 years old,  $540/40=$13.50 per year. Everyday is just $0.03 to for all the suigoi benefits! A great deal or what!!!!!!!
Where to buy?  Ikeda Spa! Or you can visit ReFa Singapore for other places to buy or road shows!
Refa Carat is now on the TOP on my beauty gadget list!

Don’t forget to join ReFa Singapore  for more information, promotions, and news! ^^ Thank you Cozycot, Jasmine from ReFa Singapore, and Ikeda Spa!